DIY - gift tags & wrapping ribbon

Friday, 20 December 2013

A double DIY for you today! Its been quite DIY heaving around these parts this week but I just want to make sure I share everything with you before Christmas. We're now onto my favourite part of Christmas (aside from the food), wrapping your gifts. By some Christmas miracle (other wise know as internet shopping) I have managed to buy all my presents in a week and even got some of them wrapped - what?! As much as I love the festivities, when it comes to wrapping I try to steer away from anything overtly Christmas-y, I like to have (quite a bit) of gold and shimmer but never in true Christmas colours. My theme of this years wrapping was using up what I've got so here I've used neon card and ribbon scraps (left over from my stockings) to make gift tags and below I've used ribbon scraps to make more ribbon! I'll go through all the details below. 
 Using the sewing machine I stitched the ribbon pieces across the card, making little mood boards of colours. These are so quick to make I think I made a pile in about 15mins. 
The scraps from my Christmas cards looked so pretty, I couldn't bear to throw them away. Instead, I stitched them onto some grosgrain and made colourful ribbon. In an ideal world I wouldn't have used purple grosgrain (I find purple makes everything a bit too "crafty" for my liking)  but in the spirit of using stuff up its ok. I made about 3 metres in an hour, so its a little time consuming but I think its worth it. 
I hope these have inspired you to have a look around your supply cupboard and use stuff up, its much more pleasurable then hitting the shops at the moment. I have been surprised at what I have been able to come up with using my existing collection of materials, its good to see stuff being used rather than piling up waiting for the perfect project. Have a wonderful weekend and as always happy making! x 


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