DIY - Christmas Stocking

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I have been meaning to make Christmas Stockings for years and finally I got around to making these a few Sundays ago. To make I used a mix of all the materials I have in my store and I'm so happy with the results, I adore the mix of calico, ribbon and prints. Stockings on the whole are really simple to make so I would really encourage you to have a go at making your own. 
I made my own pattern for these stocking based on the above measurements (these include a 1cm seam allowance) - make sure your curve your corners and toe to make a perfect stocking shape. You'll need to cut two pairs, 1 pair of the main fabric, 1 pair of lining fabric. I used the cheapest cotton from Ikea as the base fabric, Calico is so versatile here I printed and embroidered before sewing into shape. Once you have sewn into place make little snips (about 1cm apart) on all the curved edges this will ease the shape when you turn through. Sew your lining pieces together, then put the right sides together sew along the top line leaving a space to turn through. Once you have turned through stitch up the gap and press. 
I had originally painted orange and gold stripes but they didn't look that good so covered completely with gold and pink ribbon. All this ribbon was in my collection, its a perfect project for using up small lengths. 
Because I had loads of studs, I decided to stud the printed section to tie the ribbon and prints together. I finished my stockings with a loop of ribbon to hang by the fireplace and then made a few of these flowers to hang across the front.
Not including the printing, these took me about 2 hours each to make which I don't think is too long. I have them hanging on the fireplace and they glisten perfectly in candle light - all I need to do now is buy some presents to go in them! Happy Making! 


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