DIY - beaded jewel earrings

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

One question/statement people always ask me is where I find the time to make things. Its a hard question to answer because I just find the time - there is always an idea I want to try immediately or after a rubbish week at work I have itchy fingers and need to make something positive. I think that if you really want to do something you can always fit in (I wrote this post a while back about getting stuff done), you just need to pick the right project for the amount of time you have. 

Which leads me onto these earrings, I made them on a journey down to Bath a few weeks. I had an hour spare so thought I use up some old beads and earring hoops to create a new pair of Christmas earrings. I wrapped an old hoop earring with seed beads (see this tutorial for technique) and then added some colourful beads at the base. This is a perfect project if you are heading off on a long-ish journey this Christmas, you will need to get organised and pack up a little kit to take with you but other than that all you need is a table and then you are good to go. 

I made this video on Instagram, the more I use Instagram the more I love it, its perfect for blogging on the go and proving that you can make stuff anywhere - you can follow me here. Happy making! x 


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