the basics of jewellery making - lesson four

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I can't believe we are up to lesson four, we're just over half way through the basics of jewellery making as there are a few more techniques that I still want to share with you. For today I'm looking at crimps and calottes. Crimps come in different sizes I normally have a few 1mm in as well as the larger 2mm size in my box. They are really easy to use and when paired with a calotte give a really professional finish to your jewellery. 

Step 1. I normally use tiger tail for threading but you can use thread. Thread your crimp onto the tiger tail and position about 1cm from the end. Taking your pliers (I use chain nose) squeeze your crimp evenly until it flattens. I always give it a tug to make sure its not going anywhere and then snip off the excess tiger tail. 

Step 2. Take your calotte and thread onto the tiger tail. Make sure the opening is in the same direction as the crimp. 

Step 3. Encase your crimp in the calotte and gently squeeze closed, completely covering the crimp. If your calotte has a hook gently squeeze to form a loop. 
See? It's very simple and looks really professional. For some unknown reason I was reluctant to use calottes for ages but now I never use a crimp without a calotte. 

For this weeks homework its more looking and practicing. Take a trip to somewhere like Accessorize and see how many pieces use this technique and see how much they charge, then get practicing! The above projects should give you a few ideas to get started and would all make really good presents! 

Projects - leather and charm bracelets, beaded heart bracelets (see another version here) and seed bead circle bracelets. I haven't included a picture but these bead and chain bracelets are really great to make too. 

As always email me any questions and don't forget to tweet and instagram me with your creations with the hashtag HappyMaking.

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