the basics of jewellery making - lesson three

Thursday, 21 November 2013

 So we're up to lesson three which means we can finally get on with making something - whoop! The very first technique you need to know is opening and closing a jump ring. Perfect this and you'll be able to make so much, used for fastening clasps and attaching just about anything the humble jump ring is the basis for so many projects. Here's how you do it...

Step 1. Taking two pairs of pliers tightly clamp each pair either side of the opening of the jump ring.

Step 2. Push one side of the jump ring away from you and the other towards you making an opening in the ring.

Step 3. Add your finding/charm/chain etc and then close the jump ring by pulling one side of the ring towards you and the other side away closing the ring. Here's a little tip for you, gently push the sides of the ring together as you do this to ensure the ring is tightly closed.
Your homework for this week is to get practicing, buy yourself a bag of jump rings and get going, all the above projects are perfect to get practicing on.

As always email me any questions and don't forget to tweet and instagram me with your creations with the hashtag HappyMaking.

Missed the previous lessons, don't worry the links are below:
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