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Friday, 15 November 2013

Michelle kindly re-sent me these photo's this week, a few people have been in touch asking me questions for features on my crafty life - which is really exciting and I needed some pictures of me to go with. It got me thinking, whilst I post on a regular basis I'm not sure how much of me I actually put out there. For one, it seems very self indulgent to me to put loads of photos of yourself on the internet and two, I'm the worst person at having my picture taken, it almost kills me with cringe (urgh!). Leanne over at Knit me a Cake "interviewed" me as part of #BEDN which was really fun, so today I thought I'd share a few of her questions and my answers in a bid to get me away from my behind my pliers and in front of the camera - I'm seriously freaking out! 
Describe yourself in 100 words
I would say I’m a pretty open and honest person, my face always gives me away! I try and look for the good in most things and people – the only exception would be when it rains on holiday or when people walk so. slowly. My family would say I’m really impatient, which is quite true, if I have an idea then I want it done immediately, no hanging around. I also have a really annoying habit of waking up early on weekends. I try and laugh as much as I possibly can, which I think is one of my best traits. Other than that I always work hard and try my best with everything and treat others as I would want to be treated.
What does a typical day involve for you?
Recently I have stopped working on Mondays at my office job so I can concentrate on setting up my workshops. I normally get up early, write blog posts, send emails, source materials and write and shoot tutorials. The rest of the week I have a PA job in London, I rush to make my train, set up thousands of meetings, try and go to the gym, rush home, make dinner and then try and write and make something!

How long have you been blogging for and why did you start?
I started blogging a few years ago but decided to focus on jewellery making about a year ago, after I got married. I started blogging for several reasons; as soon as I found blogs I was hooked but couldn’t always find what I was looking for in terms of jewellery making tutorials so thought that I would have a go at writing my own as I felt I had something new to offer. The second big reason was to get me to make more; originally the main plan was to use my blog as a place record ideas so that I could set up an online shop (this is still the plan).
For the rest of the questions click on over to Leanne's blog Have a super weekend everyone x

Images all - Michelle My Creative 


  1. this is SO lovely. gorgeous pics and lovely write up! xxx

  2. Hooray. Let's see more Charlotte! x


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