Floral Friday - Love where you live

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I absolutely love living by the sea Dan and I toyed with the idea of moving to London a few years ago but our hearts told us to stay put. I never tire of looking at the sky and the different colours each season brings or that feeling of stepping off the train on a Friday night, smelling the sea air and leaving work far far behind. I live near Southend (but not actual Southend) and whilst in the summer it can be a bit grim,  in winter it becomes strangely beautiful and peaceful when all the crowds have gone.

I took these pictures on my phone at the weekend, the sunset was magnificent and I just loved the garish colours against the soft cloudy sky. Essex gets such a bad rap - at least once a week I hear a hilarious Essex joke or some derogatory comment but I always think that joke is on them when I  get to be inspired by the changing sky and sea everyday.  On that note, have a wonderful weekend. x


  1. Looks beautiful and very peaceful. There's something so eerie about empty fairgrounds that I love. One of my good friends lives in Southend, I'm looking forward to visiting next year. Have a lovely weekend :) x

  2. Love the picture of the ice-cream - such lovely colours


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