Floral Friday - currently

Friday, 22 November 2013

I'm so glad its Friday, I have been counting down since Monday morning. Despite trying to slow down I'm failing quite badly at the moment, nevermind! I feel like there are a thousand things running through my head but I'm not getting anything done at all, oh well here's a snippet of what's going on...

I'm loving travelling through the pages of Sibella Court's new book Gypsy 

I'm trying to get a new batch of these finished for my sister

I've been brightening up grey days with these colourful fiesta roses, bought for a valentines project (no, I haven't even started on Christmas either)

I've been getting outfit inspiration from this fab blog

I'm waiting to re-group with my friends tonight, we haven't been together since Ibiza 

Have a good weekend everyone xx


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