DIY - Feather Collar

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Here is a nice and easy DIY for you all today, I'm starting to feel all festive so  this little feather collar is a perfect DIY to get the sparkle season underway. I intend to wear mine with my favourite party dresses and jazzy jumpers in the months ahead. It takes about half an hour to put  together (this is mainly sewing time) so can be done in an evening. I went went with a soft palette as my favourite sequin jackets are all shell coloured but I think inky blues would look amazing. All the steps are below. 
You'll need - 2 x 50cm lengths of feather trim (I got mine here, but this site looks good or search for ostrich feather trim on Ebay, 2m x 1.5cm satin ribbon, in a colour to match your feathers, needle and thread
Step 1) Lay your pieces of feather on top of each other. Secure your thread and using small stitches join  the tops of your feathers together. 

Step 2) When you get to the end of your feathers securely fasten off your thread and trim off any excess length.

Step 3) Fold over the ends by about 1cm making sure the raw edge is hidden, sew into place.

Step 4) Cut your length of ribbon so you have two 1m lengths and sew onto the edge of the collar. Tie your ribbon in a bow to decide how long you want the ends of the bows to be, trim off any excess. I like to slightly melt the ends of my ribbons on a candle to stop any frays (but please be careful!)

 I can't wait to give this a whirl, I'm so eager in fact I'm currently wearing it with some rather fetching fleece pajamas and its still making me feel like dancing! Happy Making! x


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