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Monday, 7 October 2013

Cala Conte Beach
What happens when you combine five girls, two spreadsheets, twenty-thousand emails, two hundred Whatsapps and four planning dinners? An amazing trip to Ibiza (we're nothing but spontaneous!). 

When my friends and I randomly suggested, one slightly boozey night, a girls trip to Ibiza - they said it could never happen, but happened it did. A few weeks ago we packed up our finest prints and best jewels and headed off to the 'White Isle'. I had mixed views, I thought the Island had been a bit done and wondered what what all the fuss was about, but now I know. Ibiza is such a magical and beautiful island, if you stay well away from Playa D'en Bossa and San Antonio then you'll be in for an amazing time. 
Around our appartment
We stayed in a villa up in the hills near San Josep , luckily for us apart from one other couple we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Our apartment was very basic but quite charming, it took us about 24 hours to add flowers and find some pretty umbrella's to take the edge off.  Being tucked away and not hiring a car for the first few days meant we had to get cabs to where we wanted to go, each journey was around 30 euro's which between five wasn't too bad, if you can I would definitely hire a car. The roads are fine, parking is free at the beaches and there is so much to explore - its definitely worth it. 

I haven't got any (suitable) pictures but went headed into Ibiza town for dinner before we headed to Space (I know, but when in Rome) for some crazy dancing. I have been to Ibiza Town before and it was just as pretty as I remembered, we walked up to the top of the castle at sunset and then headed back down for tapas. La Bodega was recommend to me and I'm passing it on, fantastic food and really reasonable. I think we had two bottles of wine, a G&T, water and loads of food and it came to 125 euros. 
San Vincent, Sa Caleta and Benirras beach
So onto beaches, our closet beach was Cala Conta (very top picture), its was a really buzzy beach with beautiful sea to swim in, loads of people to watch and some great places to eat. We settled in a watched the sunset to the sound of hippy drumming at Sunset Ashram - ahh it was a good day. Next we visited Sa Caleta (middle two pics), it was really pretty, less people but more jelly-fish, which was a bit of a shame. However, my friend and I took a walk along the cliff-top and along the rocks which was stunning and we all had some amazing paella and sardines from the restaurant, so really not that bad at all! 

On our final day we hired a car and headed north, our first beach was San Vincent (top picture), which was quite chilled out. We were all a bit jaded from the night before, so slept, ate (of course) and  took a little swim - its a good beach if you don't want to put too much effort in. Our final beach was Benirras, we took one last sunset swim, averted our eyes when some naked pedal-loing happened and decided that we could become hippy's and hula-hoop to the sound of drums.  

Don't let images of Brits aboard put you off, Ibiza is a cracking island there is so much to see and do. Its definitely down as one of my favourite places and best holidays.


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