Floral Friday - actually slowing down

Friday, 25 October 2013

I have been noticing and feeling a change recently, the need to actually slow things now and do one less thing rather than one more. I think in some ways for me personally it links into my detox, feeling a thousand times better has definitely changed the way I think and view the way I live my life, the continuous planning of meals and then chopping of veg (usually butternut squash) has forced me to slow down for the best. I felt differently when I got back from Ibiza too, I have actively tried to keep up  not cramming so much into my days, being able to enjoy quiet moments and being flexible with plans. 

Don't get me wrong I'm still busy (I'm currently renovating a leaky house, setting up workshops and working full time) but I'm not adding any extra's onto this. If I miss a blog post then I'm not hard on myself, if a wall isn't painted then so be it - I'm just not wearing busy like a badge of honor anymore. And do you know what, it feels good! 

Are you feeling a change, or is it just me? Have a happy weekend xx 


  1. You're so right about the badge of honour. Funnily enough that "must be always busy to be useful" mentality doesn't really exist in Italy or Spain. Lovely laid back cultures. Great to hear you're stepping back from it all to figure out what's really worth your time.

  2. Thanks Elena! I have also noticed that I've been able to get loads more done by doing less - not sure how but I am!!


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