DIY - embellished cuff

Thursday, 17 October 2013

To accompany the embellished hairband I made a matching cuff to go with. Its really easy to put together so thought it'd be a great DIY to share. I used a gold cuff that I got in New Look for another project that never happened, these are really easy to find and are great base to work on. I used jewels in the same colours as the hairband but of course you are free to use whatever colours you like. Now Autumn is in full swing cuff's are so great for adding a bit of sparkle to your jumpers and jackets. All the steps are below.
 You'll need - Heavy lace trim, ribbon, a selection of jewels, metal cuff, strong glue or a glue gun
Step 1. Roughly work out your design whilst the lace trim is on the flat. Once happy, take a picture or roughly sketch your design.

Step 2. Fire up your glue gun and apply your strip of ribbon. The length of the ribbon should be about 3cm longer than the cuff. Then apply the lace layer

Step 3. Apply your jewels as per your design, you might find the design changes but as long as you are happy with it then it doesn't matter if it isn't exact.

Step 4. I added a line of jewels all the way round the cuff as I felt it needed a bit more. Finish the ends off but either gluing any remaining length of ribbon on the underside of the cuff or trimming flush to the edge.

There you have it a beautiful cuff that looks much more complicated than it really is! Happy Making! x


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