DIY - cord and jewel bracelet

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ahh it feels good to be sharing a new tutorial - for todays DIY delight I'm sharing these colourful cord and jewel bracelets. Last week I had a blissful few hours in Liberty, I started at the top floor and worked my way down through haberdashery, through womenswear until I ended up in the jewellery department (obvs). I had these bracelets planned for awhile, when I saw the displays of colourful friendship bracelets, shimmering at me I was immediately inspired to get this project made-up. Never missing an opportunity to embellish I added a few coloured jewels to stop them feeling too flat. All the steps are below. 
Step 1. Cut a length of your thick cord the same length as the width of your wrist plus an extra 5 cm. Taking a small, approx. 1.5cm, length of tape stick to the very end of your cord. Peel off the backing and the fold the end of your cord over 2.5cm, sticking it to itself. Repeat on the other end

Step 2. Take a length of your fine cord, you'll need a generous 150cm piece at least. Fold in half and place underneath your thick cord. I found it easier to pin my thick cord to a pin board to hold in place. Make your first knot. I went, left over (the cord) and under the right side, and then right under (the cord) and then over the left cord and pulled tight. Follow the picture and you'll be fine!

Step 3. From here on in you'll be doing a basic macrame box knot, repeating on right and left as you work your way down the cord. For the second knot make a 'D' with your right cord, making sure the fine cord goes over your thick cord.

Step 4. The left cord then goes over the right cord, under the centre cord and back over the right cord. Pull tight to secure.

Step 5. Repeat with the left side and then on the right, keep going until you get to the end of your bracelet

Step 6. Tie a knot at the end of your cord, keep it really close to your macrame knots. Cut the ends off and apply a dab of super glue.
Step 7. Now its time to embellish, if you don't like jewels then you can skip this step. Using jewels in my existing stash I stitched a few pieces onto the centre of the bracelets, I went for contrasting colours and a bit of sparkle. You could stick but I always prefer to sew. 

Step 8. Open a 7mm jump-ring thread onto the end of the bracelet through the loop and then add on the circular end of your toggle clasp. Close the jump-ring

Step 9. Cut off two links of the connector chain, add the bar end of the toggle clasp using a 5mm jump-ring. Open a 7mm jump-ring, thread onto the other end of the bracelet add your chain and then close. 

I'm not usually one for chunky cord or anything remotely sporty but I love how these came out, they are perfect for layering over a a jumper without being lost. You might have noticed that some of these are two colours, this was a under calculation on my part but turned out for the best. If you want to do the same you'll need a meter of each contrasting colour, the rest of the process is the same, just tuck the ends of the first colour under the second colourway. Happy Making! x 


  1. These bracelets are adorable. I love the mix of cord and rhinestones. Very cool!

  2. First, thank you so much for creating this tutorial!!! Second, I love this product- it's so colorful, chic, classy, modern, and just plain awesome! I cannot wait to make these for my family and friends (and myself!).

  3. Love the bracelets! One the cotton cord in 3 mm and 5 mm, or 3 mm and .5 mm? I can't seem to find cotton cord as thick as 5 mm and was wondering if you meant .5 mm? Thanks very much


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