DIY - chunky bead statement necklace

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Here is beast of a necklace DIY for you today, I have been having a play around with some new ideas recently and this is the first that I want to share. I made this purely for Ibiza when I wore it straight from the beach to dinner and it hasn't really left my person since I have been back. I used a mix of beads from my collection and some recycled, for this necklace don't be shy, go big! Despite its magnitude its actually quite easy to put together if you have a bit of experience, or even if you don't, have a go, you'll be pleasantly surprised. All the steps are below. 
You'll need  - 9 beads in three different colourways - the pink were 1.8cm in diameter, the shapes were 2cm long and approx 1.3cm wide, the grey were 1.5cm wide - if you can't find shape round beads would work equally well. 9 Tear drop beads with holes at the top (round beads on a head pin would also work), 9 chunky seed beads, 16cm piece of large chain (can be any colour, mine was recycled), 2 x 15cm pieces of really chunky chain,  2 x 1.3cm  ribbon ends, 2 x 55cm pieces of ribbon 1.3cm wide. 20 gauge craft wire, 5mm jump rings
Step 1. Cut 9 lengths of wire 15cm long, bending the ends over by a few millimeters

Step 2. If you're a bit nervous you can make your lengths longer than you need and cut them off at the end - this is what I did. Take one piece of wire and thread a seed bead, then thread on your smaller chain, make sure you go through the second from last link, then thread, pink bead, chunky chain thread through the very last link, shaped bead, chunky chain, grey bead. 

Step 3. Make a wrapped loop by wrapping the end of the wire around some round nose pliers, leaving about a 3mm space from the last bead. Thread on your tear-drop bead.

Step 4. Using flat nose pliers, tightly hold the loop and wrap the tail of the wire around itself three times. Snip off any excess wire. Repeat steps 2 and 5, 8 more times.

Step 5. Cut off any off any excess chain, with the less chunky of the two chains leave one link free as this is where you'll be looping your ribbon. Taking a ribbon end and piece of ribbon gently squeeze the cord end over the end of the ribbon, I always apply a dab of glue to be secure. Repeat with the other piece. 

Step 6. Attach your ribbon to the chain using a jump ring.

So there you have it a real beauty of a necklace, that takes about an hour to make. I photographed this late afternoon when the sun danced across the different facets of the beads and made the pink ones really glow. Happy Making! x 


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