Floral Friday with Emily Quinton

Friday, 27 September 2013

I couldn't possibly do a Floral Friday guest post without asking the wonderful Emily Quinton to contribute. If you haven't come across Emily she writes the fantastic Startup Wife blog where she shares her adventures in raising her four (yep, four) gorgeous children, photography and general crafty goodness. Not only is Emily absolutely lovely person but such an inspiration; when people talk to me about having children they usually say, you won't have time for any of your creative stuff, make the most of your spare time now, etc etc. looking through Emily's blog just shows me what you can achieve. If you haven't already skipped over to have a look make sure you do. Have a super weekend folks, I'll be back next week with a whole stash of new shimmering tutorials for you. Over to you Emily. xx

I love Dahlias because they take the spirt of Summer blooms along into the start of Autumn. September is full of Dahlia's in so many beautiful colours and shapes. They are such happy flowers and combined with the magical September light, they really do bring delight to the beginning of Autumn. 

These are such gorgeous pictures, I love them! If you want more of Emily's floral goodies then follow her on Instagram - she runs a weekly Floral Friday competition and you can attend her workshops too.


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