DIY - leather, print and jewel earrings

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I have fallen a little bit in love with these earrings, obviously they use my favourite material of all time - gold leather! But also they look good from all sides, shiny metallic on one side a colourful graphic print on the other. These are the start of my Ibiza earring collection, I think I have about 3 more pairs in the pipeline. They are a perfect accessory to see out the summer with, gold is obviously suitable for all seasons but I went with slightly muted prints for the back. There are loads of variations on this tutorial, I have only shown two so please use the steps as a guide and then go forth and create your own. 

You'll need; Leather (yours doesn't have to be gold), printed fabric, bondaweb, chain (I used broken jewellery), jump rings, post earring stands, studs, diamante, beads and wire

Step 1. Draw a triangle onto a piece of thick paper, mine was 3cm across the top and 2cm deep.

Step 2. When happy cut the triangle out, trace onto the leather and cut out.

Step 3. If you are adding studs to your leather, do this now. Make sure you leave enough space at the sides to allow for your jump-rings to be attached.

Step 4. Cut a piece of bondaweb slightly larger than your triangles. using a pressing cloth and a hot iron apply your bondaweb to the back of your leather

Step 5. Cut a piece of patterned fabric, deciding on what piece of pattern you like best. I recommend using a small print so that you get loads of details on the earrings.

Step 6. Peel the paper from the back of the leather and using a pressing cloth and hot iron fix the fabric to the leather.
Step 7. You can skip this step if you like but I felt like these needed a bit of colour. Make wrapped loops with tiny seed beads attaching your chain in the process.

Step 8. Make holes using something sharp, I used a drawing pin. You want your hole in the centre of the point. Using your jump-rings attach the chain to the leather. I also missed a step (sorry my dinner was ready) in the centre of your chain attach your earring stand.

For an alternative, I glued the diamantes onto the front with some superglue, cut strips to make a tassel effect (which doesn't really show) and then used 7mm jump rings to attach.

I love the light in these photo's I rushed home on Tuesday to take some final snaps and just love the warmth sun-set gives. Happy making! x 


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