Inspiration - Textiles in Turkey

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dan managed to get a work trip to Istanbul last week (jealous!), which got me reminiscing about our trip to Turkey. There hasn't been much inspiration going on around these parts, we have been having our kitchen replaced and so I have been living in what feels like an episode of hoarders; food and kitchen stuff in the bedroom, fridge in the middle of the lounge etc etc. Dan's trip reminded me of two things; how great Turkey is and how many textiles items I managed to bring home! 
Aside from kittens on the beach and amazing food, the amount of textiles and jewellery available was incredible, there was so much to touch and buy - I could have easily filled three cases of stuff. As always my favourite things fell either end of the spectrum; heavily embroidered, patterned and embellished or soft, light and delicate - it was hard to pick so I bought a bit of both. Here is a little list of what I managed to bring home: 

Turkish carpet (we actually needed a rug - seriously we did) 
Hammam towels
Vintage Uzbekistani wall hanging
Vintage jewellery (to hang on the wall)
A lot of sequins and beads (which I was playing around with yesterday) 

If you haven't been, and you like this kind of thing I definitely recommend you take a trip, all these photos were from our stay in Antalya, which I can only say good things about. 


  1. hope you visit Turkey again:)))
    kisses from Turkey!



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