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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Being Elena's guest pinner got me thinking about how I use Pinterest for gathering ideas. For the next few posts I want to show you how you can take an idea from Pinterest into real life. 

I use Pinterest on a daily basis, I find it soothing and inspiring in equal measure. I try to mix up my sources sometimes I pin for an actual need (usually home stuff), other times its because I find a colour palette particularly inspiring and finally because I want to remind myself of a good idea to use it as a base for another project. 

The projects I am going to share are a mix of the latter. Throughout the summer I have totally fallen in love with little pouch bags, I use my selection at the weekend when I want to travel light. I have pinned many versions and have had on my make list for a few months. I have also fallen in love with whimsical hand drawn prints, in a "tah-dah" moment I knew I had to make something to combine the two. 

For the next two projects I am going to show you how to make your own hand-drawn fabric and easy sew fabric pouch. Neither are an original idea but I really want you to get the idea of how you take an idea from the screen into real life whilst adding your own personal spin. 

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