DIY - ombre and initial jars

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Last month on Twitter I asked for ideas of things to make, y'know just to mix things up. Anna said something with gold spray paint and Hollie said a hair clip for a wedding, both good ideas and Hollie I am working on the clip. 

For todays tutorial I went with the gold and I'm going to show how to jazz up a few crafty basics that I imagine you'll have kicking around. Once I received Anna's tweet the cogs started whirring and I mentally went through my cupboards until I got to my jar stash. I know Anna loves a type-writer and who doesn't love an initial? Putting everything together I decided on these initial jars plus a few easy ombre ones too. All the steps are below:
You'll need: Letter print outs (I used word to print mine), Sheet of thin plastic (I used a plastic file divider), Gold spray paint, Old jars/ candle holder, masking tape

Step 1. Place your plastic sheet over your letters and cut around with a craft knife.
Step 2. Stick your letter to your jar using masking tape, I used a bit of washi tape along the small edges. You need all edges stuck down to give a clean edge. I also stuffed some newspaper in into the jar to protect the insides.
Step 3. In a well ventilated spray your jar with spray paint. Do a couple of thin coats, making sure you leave to dry in between spraying.
Step 4. Once dry remove the masking tape and paper.
Whilst spraying the initial jars I decided to make these ombre ones too. To make, I randomly stuck washi tape over some jam jars then sprayed with three different colour spray paints, left to dry and removed. I love how they are a bit sun-set-y.
If I had a nice outdoor space/table I would have created a lovely summer scene but as I don't you'll have to use your imagination - think dahlias, tea-lights and a rustic table. 
I really love these jars (the initial ones especially) I think they would be great at a wedding if you wanted to spell a few words or even at a classy hen party, you could fill with goodies for each of the guests. Another idea would be to make your own candles and give as a gift (the C word is slowly rearing its head), just make sure you put them into some of these

I had fun with this project, I hope you give this one ago. If you have any ideas you'd like me to try please get in touch. Happy making! x

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