DIY - easy sew lace skirt

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Here's a nice and simple sewing project for you today, any less sewing and you would be wrapping this skirt around you like a towel. This easy lace skirt is quick and makes the most of the scalloped edge lace of the skirt and the selvedge on the lining. I have had this lace for over ten years (yikes) and it has been on my make list for 18 months, it took me just over an hour to put together so I don't know why I waited for so long. I have put all the steps below (you might want to enlarge the photo).
You'll need - scalloped edge lace fabric, lining fabric, 1.2cm width elastic (sometimes its called 3/4 inch elastic) in the closest colour to your fabric.

Step 1. First measure your hips, take that measurement, divide by two and add to your original hip measurement. My overall length was 150cm, I'm a standard size 10 so you if you are around this size use my measurements.

Step 2. Cut your fabric. You can make your skirt any length you like, I went for around knee length so my total width was 60cm, this includes a 1.5cm at the top edge. I made my lining 10cm shorter

You will need to cut your fabric along the length of the fabric instead of the standard width way. This is so you get the scalloped edge of the lace running along the hem of your skirt and so you can use the selvedge as a hem (sneaky)

My measurements are as follows: Lace 150 x 60cm, Lining 150 x 50cm

Step 3. As I was cutting so many corners I thought I would use a french seam to join the fabric together. Fold each piece in half, right sides facing up, sew a straight line 7mm from the edge and press.  Turn your fabric inside out and stitch 1cm from the edge press again. 

Step 4. Pin your top edges together, the wrong side of the lining should face the right side of the lace. It doesn't sound right but it works out. Sew 1.5cm from the top edge and press open. 

Step 5. Turn everything the right way round so your lace is on the outside and top stitch 1- 2mm from the top edge. 

Step 6. Starting about 4cm from a seam, sew a 1.5cm channel around the skirt, finishing 4cm from the seam on the other side. If you are using thicker elastic make your channel deeper, try not to have too much space between your elastic and stitching. 

Step 7. Thread your elastic through the channel, I knot mine onto a safety pin for ease. Once through pull your elastic tight but make sure you can still get it over your hips! Tie a tight knot and cut off your ends. 

Step 8. Stitch the channel closed. 

Step 9.  You might need to cut any mesh edge from your lace to reveal a beautiful scalloped edge. Balance out your gathers and tah-dah you are done. 
Its so good to get this tutorial out there, I feel like I can move on with my list. I gave it it's premier at my friends birthday at the weekend and it went down a treat. I wore it with my favourite summer jacket, bright nails and some jewels from Turkey, I love it, it has the right amount of swish to be good in all occasions!  I think I want it in a few more colour ways now, maybe a pink or even a black. Happy making! x 


  1. Love this lace. Have been thinking of doing something similar (ever since I saw you last week in your lovely green lace skirt). Now I know I better get on it!


  2. Oh do it, you are the sewing master so it will take you about 3 seconds to make this! X


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