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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Now you have your hand-drawn fabric, you need to make something with it. Following my Pinterest spree, I knew I wanted to make a fabric pouch. There are so many versions of this tutorial around, this one is really simple - perfect if your sewing time/skills are limited. I love these so much, they are ideal for carrying around your essentials or if you still have a summer holiday to look forward to perfect for putting your beach stuff/loose Euros in. All the steps are below.

You'll need - Colourful zips, either 8 inch or 10 inch , bias binding, thread and a sewing machine

Step 1.decide on the size of your bags, mine were as follows:
Small - 25 x 27cm (your final depth with be half this)
Medium - 25 x 32cm 
Large - 31 x 48cm
All measurements include a 1cm seam allowances
Press over a 1cm seam allowance on the two shortest seems
Step 2. Line up your zip, you will want your zip teeth and zipper to be facing upwards. I used an 8inch for the smaller bags and a 10 inch for the large one. Pin into place, make sure you keep the edge of the fabric really close the the teeth of the zip.
Step 3. Stitch into place. You could use a zip-foot but I don't have one so just kept the edge of my foot flush to the edge of the zip teeth.
Step 4. Making sure you line the edges up, pin and sew your other edge to the zip.
Step 5. Turn your pouch inside out and pin the edges. Make sure there is an even amount of fabric on both sides. Sew in a straight line. There are metal zip teeth either end of your zip, make sure you sew on the outside of each of these, it gives a neater finish.
Step 6. Taking a length of bias binding 5cm longer than the side of your pouch, press in half length ways and pin and sew into place along your seam.
Step 7. Snip you ends so you are left with 1.5cm of bias binding over the edge of your punch.
   Step 8. Fold the ends of your bias binding back on themselves and stitch into place, do a couple of back stitches to secure. 
Your fabric pouches are now ready to be filled with goodies, mine naturally contain a small jewellery collection*. 
All lined up! I really hope that you give these a go they really don't take long I think I ran up three in a hour. So thats the end of my mini Pinterest series, not 100% original but definitely a personal take on some of my favourite ideas. Happy making!

*all these jewellery items have been hand-made for the tutorials click on these links - Corsage clips, leather bracelets, metal and chain earrings 


  1. Ah-mazing! I think these are really original. Such a great idea!

  2. oooooh brilliant little project -I must try this! Thank's for sharing!! :) x

  3. These are just so sweet! I love how the fabric is custom made too! :)

  4. How can I sign up for your blog. Are you on Bloglovin or thru email delivery.

  5. Thanks so much everyone! I hope you will all be making;-)!

    Patricia - you can follow me here


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