Monday, 19 August 2013

I'm on a detox, I was going to write about it last week but last two weeks have been stupidly busy. I suffer from terrible IBS, which is a rather miscellaneous complaint that doctors never seem that fussed by or are ever inclined to deal with so you learn to live with it. Mine is brought on by anxiety and stress (and there has been a fair bit of that recently) every few years it gets in sufferable, like a small bomb going off in my stomach every time I eat, I had a bad turn a few weeks ago so decided to have an allergy test to see what was causing it. Turns out it was everything; grain, dairy, all sugar, alcohol and yeast, so I have given it all up and I can't tell you how much better I feel; I sleep like a log, am no longer bloated and have so much more energy its crazy. I have three more weeks to go but so far so good. I realise that this isn't related to what I normally write about but I'm hoping someone might a) be able to point me in the direction of sugar/dairy free chocolate or ice-cream (seriously, I'll give you my arm) or b) just direct me to some good websites for food intolerance's. Any help would be gratefully received. 


  1. Try

    Lots of sugar-free deliciousness X

    1. Thanks so much, I have had a look and it is just what I am looking for!!!! Sweet treats will be mine! xx

  2. Raw chocolate might do the trick (there are a lot of brands but you would want to look for one without any sweetner, just the pure stuff). And this is quite a good blog for food allergies All grains off the menu or just gluten?

  3. Thanks, I will investigate. It's all wheat, oats and rye so avoiding as much as possible!

  4. Almond milk tastes great and actually has more calcium than the dairy alternative. I use Cup 4 Cup as a gluten-free flour blend and have had tons of success with it. Also, I've heard really good things about these almond butter pancakes (which some people eat as cookies b/c they are small), but the rest of the website looks great too!

  5. Thanks Brittany, will definitely give these a try. Thanks so much for replying I really appreciate it. X


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