Travel - Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Monday, 15 July 2013

Today we're taking a trip to the Grand Bazaar, if you go to Istanbul and you're one part magpie then you won't want to leave, every path seems to be lined with gold! I was so surprised about how good the shopping was, not just touristy stuff and fake bags but really beautiful homeware and jewellery, I could have gone seriously crazy...We made two trips once to buy a rug and the second to have a proper look, I'm sure there is a method to seeing everything but we just followed our eyes and went down the path that shined the most (I was obviously leading this!)
There was so much to buy I could have filled suitcases with carpets, lights and jewels, the mix of old and new was perfect. We bought a beautiful over-dyed rug, that I love so much and I literally bought a handful of rings. I would have loved to have got some of these vintage lights and also some silk Ikat pillow cases in amazing jewel colours but I was with Dan and had to pick my shopping battles wisely, after the carpet I thought it was time to stop!
I think the Grand Bazaar is one of those places that you could go to again and again without ever feeling tired, it has kept it's old world magic but not fallen into being a tourist trap (see spice market). If you want to exercise your imagination, then grab yourself a tea and people watch for a while, it's a fabulous place so let yourself day-dream and be immersed in a different world.


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