Sewing - New Look Pattern 6100

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I have been saying since January that I have wanted to do some more sewing. I have been posting a few easy projects here and there, but this is the first 'big" project I have managed this year. I do love making my own patterns (about a third of my degree was pattern cutting) but for time's sake its much easier to buy a shop pattern and adapt as needed. 

For these shorts I used New Look pattern 6100 which was a really great pattern to put together. I did skip a few steps as I was trying to get these finished before I went on holiday. I left out the belt loops and tie as I didn't really think they were needed, I would leave these out if I made a again. The hem should have been an applied cuff but I just turned mine up. I got away with it as the fabric was patterned but if I make again I would finish properly. The only downside to these patterns is that they come up very small, I used to work in a fabric shop and we always advised our customers to go up at least a size. I'm a standard size 10 but made these in a size 14 I think I would use the size 12 pattern if I make again. 

Overall I'm really happy with how they came out, the pattern was on special offer so it was £3.50 and the fabric I used was £6.99 p/m and I used about 1.3 meters. When you add the cost of the zip and thread I think this projects comes in under £20 which is quite reasonable.  
 I have been bitten by the sewing bug, so can't wait to do another project. I think I'm going to go for a skirt next. 


  1. Those are so cute. Nice fabric. I have a dress pattern waiting to be attempted, but I'm not really sure where to begin as have never done anything from a pattern before...

    1. Make sure you cut the pattern pieces in the same direction, don't forget your notches and always cut along your grain line. You'll be fine just start.

    2. Ha! I don't understand any of your reply. But you're right, I should just start.

  2. Oh, YAY! I'm so excited you're doing some sewing projects! I'm working on my first pair of shorts right now. I really like how you made these without the belt loops. It has a nice clean look to it.

  3. Sewing is fun! I think they look better without the loops. Good luck with your shorts!

  4. Very impressive and love the fabric. I tried to make shorts once. It didn't work :(

  5. Amazing shirts Charlotte! Love the fabric too - where's it from?

    x Elena

  6. Haha! The fabric is from my local fabric shop, I will take you next time you come down!


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