Floral Friday - getting stuff done

Friday, 12 July 2013

For today's Floral Friday post I want to talk about getting your projects done/complete/finished. One of the most frequent conversations I have with crafty folk is the frustration of not quite getting a project finished. Like most I have way to many ideas and purchase more than I care to share and have a stack of projects to be done. Over the past few years of blogging I have slowly found ways to improve my ability to finish and create with whatever time I have available. I thought I would share some of my tips:

Time is the killer of creativity, not enough and you will never get a project finished (sorry if this is too obvious). If you only have an hour don't plan to make a whole dress instead make something that can be finished in 60 mins or break your project down into sizable chunks. You could easily cut your pattern pieces in an hour and then start to sew in your next bit of free time. I'm so impatient when it comes to sewing, I have found this really useful. 

Focus on one project at a time. That fizzy feeling of having loads of ideas is the best, write down every single one and then work your way through one at a time. 

Go seasonal, when the weather is good all I want be is outside. I keep my projects light and quick in summer so they can easily be done outside and do heavy more time consuming stuff in the dark months. It means I'm less likely to stop half way through to go outside and work on my tan
Set yourself a deadline, having a blog means I have to set myself a few deadlines otherwise nothing will ever get posted. If you don't already you could start a blog with the aim of posting one project a month, then every two weeks, then every week etc. If that sounds like too much of a faff give yourself mini goals, going out this weekend? Then why don't you make your goal to make a pair of earrings to wear out. Once you start finishing stuff then the more addictive it becomes.

Start small, I know Pinterest tells us to aim high but there is nothing like a craft fail to put you off making more. Know your limits and slowly build upwards. I started making tiny threaded bead necklaces when I first got into jewellery making, through practice and building on each project I have got better,  if I make a mistake I cut it up and move on as long as you are happy and doing something it really doesn't matter because we all know the real fun is making a good old mess!

I'd love to hear your ways of getting things done, have a super weekend. xx


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