DIY - leather stud necklace

Thursday, 11 July 2013

This leather and stud necklace has been on my make list for quite a while and I'm so glad I finally got around to making last week. I love the mix of gold leather, rose gold studs and vintage chain, its perfect for hot summer days as the leather keeps it light so it doesn't irritate and become to heavy in the heat.   All steps are below. 
You'll need: leather (mine was from Ebay), chain (mine was vintage), studs, 5mm jump rings, 1mm wire, lobster clasp, connector chain, strong glue
Step 1. Cut 5 lengths of wire about 8cm.

Step 2. Make loops at the ends of your wire by rolling around the end of a pair of round nose pliers. Measure 2.8cm from the base of the first loop cut off any excess and then make another loop.

Step 3. To make the triangles you need to make a template. On a piece of paper draw a cross shape measure 2cm across and then 2.5cm down, connect the lines to make a triangle.  Fold the paper along the shortest line and then cut the triangle shape out. You should be left with a perfect diamond shape. Draw around the shape onto the back of your leather, you will need 5 of these.

Step 4. Taking your leather, looped pieces of wire and glue, position one piece of wire into the centre of the leather and then apply a good squeeze of glue.

Step 5. Fold the leather in half and press together tightly.

Step 6. Apply your studs by sticking them onto the centre of your triangles, leave to dry.
Step 7. Using your jump rings connect the triangles together

Step 8. I used a vintage necklace for my chain which was 40cm long, I simply cut in half. If you are using standard chain cut two pieces 20cm long and then add a lobster clasp to one end and a 5cm piece of connector chain to the other. 

Step 9. Add the chain to the leather pieces and you are done! 

I love the texture working with leather gives, there are some really fab colours out there so have fun! Happy making! xx 


  1. How fun! I really love that gold leather.

  2. Thanks Erin, gold leather is my new favourite material! x


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