Video - A holiday romance

Sunday, 30 June 2013

A little bit of Sunday fun. Here's a video I put together as part of a competition from the Posts Production video course I went on at the very beginning of the month. 

It wasn't my intention but it captures all the things in life that make me happy; chatting to strangers, oranges, souvenir shops, foreign travel, the beach, a bit of creativity and most importantly small animals. I met this little chap by the beach and he totally stole my heart, just look at his little face? What makes this story even better is two days after this video was taken he came and found me on the beach and sat under my chair for the whole day - it's the highlight of the year so far. 

I will get round to posting some proper Turkey photo's soon.


  1. Love it! The 'opening scene' made me laugh.

  2. This is SO good. Love the kitten and the music xx

  3. Great video Charlotte! Can't wait to seebwhat photos you took and hear more about it!

    x Elena


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