DIY - summer flower crown

Friday, 14 June 2013

As Friday's equal flowers around here, I have another flower crown tutorial for you all. You can see the first one I made here, this one is a more delicate version, the small flowers are perfect if you are making for little ones. I have said it before and i'll say it again, everyone needs to wear one of these at least one this summer. All the steps are below. 
 You'll need: Flowers (obvs.), wire, florist tape

Step 1. First cut a length of wire longer that the circumference of your head. Make a circle shape so that it fits snugly around your head but allowing enough space to add your flowers. For this crown I used fine wire doubled. 

Step 2. Select you flowers, use a mix of buds, leaves and sprigy flowers to give balance and depth to your crown.

Step 3. Taking three flowers at a time cut the stems about 7cm from the base of the bud.

Step 4. Gently wrap with the fine florists wire. Use your judgment, too lose and the flowers will come loose, too tight and you will snap the stems.

Step 5. Taking another piece of wire fix your bunch of flowers onto the wire. If you are going to do a full crown with no wire showing then it makes no difference where you start but if you are going to have your wire on show then aim to cover up where you have twisted your wire together.

Step 6. Take your florists tape and wrap the stems and wire so they are covered, stop wrapping about 1.5cm from the end of the bunch.

Step 7. To complete your design, repeat the above steps ideally using a different mix of flowers each time.

Step 8. When you had added your desired amount of flowers you will need to finish the ends off. Once you have attached your final bunch to the band cut the stems close to end of the wire.

Step 9. To finish wrap your florists tape around the final bunch and onto the wire. Cut off any extra tape. If you want to cover up your wire keep wrapping the tape around the whole band.

Step 10. Wear of course! 

You can you use fake flowers of course but I think there is something magical about the real deal. Happy making! x


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