DIY - Jewellery Box

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Today I'm sharing a made-over DIY jewellery box. As part of my mission to condense my stuff before we move I have cleared out a large stash of jewellery and as such I have been only storing my favourite pieces in here. My love affair with jewellery boxes started when I was little and I was given one of those boxes with a musical ballerina, I thought it was magic (actually I still do), now my dream is to have a leather Smythson one ideally in yellow or duck-egg (I look at them longingly every-time I'm at the airport) but as they cost more than my entire jewellery collection i'll be enjoying this charity shop treasure for the time being. 

I found this in the charity shop for 50p, it was sad and smelly but the lock and red lining hooked me. Using Mod Podge and wrapping paper (make sure you use the thick fancy type), I like to think that I have transformed it into something a little bit special. I have put some loose steps below as I realise that you might not find exactly the same box but you can use the same principles to transform your own. 
Step 1. If it needs it give it a bit of a clean with warm soapy water

Step 2. Tape any bits that need covering, and then give the inside the a few coats of acrylic paint 

Step 3.  Draw around the top and bottom of the box and the add on extra for the width and some extra to tuck inside. Add tabs on the sides that will be tucked in.

Step 4. Cut out your shape with a craft knife and fold along all the edges, this will make the paper to fit to the box. 

Step 5. Apply a fine even layer of Mod Podge to your box and carefully apply your paper, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go. 

Step 6. Once you have applied your paper apply two coats of Mod Podge (leaving to dry between coats) 
Here it is, pride of place on my 'dressing table'

I love the mix of prints - if you fancy something more 'vintage' the go for delicate floral paper instead

Okay, so I don't just use this I have a few other boxes of stuff too. Happy Making! xx


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