Floral Friday - Lovely Links

Friday, 3 May 2013

This past week or so has been fantastic for some of my projects. A few blogs have featured some of my tutorials which makes me a very happy girl indeed. These jars have been my most successful project ever; I made them whilst cooking potatoes they are that easy! It was quite a surprise to see them picked up by Buzzfeed nearly a year later. These fabric bags (which I love) have been featured on Henry Happened and Por Cuatro Cuartos, they are sweet and really easy to make, which is the best kind of project. Finally, I'll leave you with this post I wrote for Michelle on ways to celebrate (how beautiful is the picture that accompanies the post?) I was very late in sending it over but I'm so glad she still posted it. Have a fantastic bank holiday everyone. xx 


  1. YAY! I LOVE Buzzfeed, and I love your tutorials! The fabric bags are so sweet.


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