Eat & Snap at Maltby Street Market

Monday, 20 May 2013

I'm so happy to share these photo's with you, I went on Michelle's Eat & Snap photography class at the weekend and was brilliant! As I have been saying over the past few weeks I have been trying to improve my photography and shoot on manual as much as possible.  I learnt loads of little tips; Michelle explained everything in a way which was so simple and easy to understand it actually meant I retained the information instead of thinking about what I wanted for dinner instead! 
We met for brunch at Village East and then wandered to Maltby Street Market recommended by some of the ladies at the class. If you have become a little tired of Borough Market then head here, it's fantastic for food and people watching. It's also an ideal place to practice snapping without feeling too conspicuous, actually I think some of the public enjoyed seeing a swam of us with cameras. 
The group was lovely, it was a great way to meet like minded people and discuss photography, creative things and blogging (of course). I never normally take photo's of people so it was great to try something different. I find people so interesting, I loved trying to capture peoples gestures and movements all whilst trying to  remember which way to turn the dial and focus! 

Overall I'm really pleased with how my photo's have come out, the biggest lesson I learnt was planning the composition. Looking for lines, shapes and colours when framing a shot was something I began actively look for and has really helped in taking more interesting pictures. 

A huge thanks to Michelle for being so patient and inspiring, I can't recommend Eat & Snap enough if you are looking for a fun and friendly way to get to know your camera better, keep and eye out on Michelle's blog for more dates. 


  1. Lovely photos! I hope Michelle does another one as would love to go along! x

  2. Epic photos Charlotte - and I don't hate that one of myself (very, very rare!).

    x Elena

  3. These look so great! I would love to take a photography class someday, there's so much to learn and I guess it is really fun as well.

  4. Ahhh thanks, it feels so good to start taking some decent pictures again.


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