DIY - simple statement earrings

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Here's a nice and simple statement earring DIY today. I have been lacking a navy earring in my daily get-up (seriously) its been causing me to run late for work for weeks! This tutorial is so easy, it's four simple steps that let the beads do the talking!  I can't remember what the blue stone is, I think its sandstone (?) anyway it has a lovely sparkle to it, its like someone has caught the sky and put it into a bead. I think the total cost of these was around £7 which I think is a bargain. All the steps are below. 
You'll need; Sandstone or semi precious stones (approx 1.5 x 2cm), plastic beads, 4x head pins, earring stand. 

Step 1. Take your head-pin and thread on your square bead. Leave about a 1.2cm length of wire at the top (trim off any excess). Taking the end between your round nose pliers curl the wire around your pliers. 

Step 2. Cut the flat part off your head-pin (you can just use a length of wire, I was feeling lazy so didn't). Make a loop at one end thread your bead, like step 1. Make sure you have a length of 1.2cm, trim any excess. Make another loop. 

Step 3. Slightly open one of the loops on the round beads and then thread on your square bead. 

Step 4. Add your earring stand 
That's it, sometimes the most simple ideas are the best. Happy making! x 


  1. It's Goldstone! I'm obsessed with different colours of goldstone - have you see brown goldstone? Gorgeous. Oh, and I don't think I said goldstone enough in this comment. GOLDSTONE. x

  2. Ahhh thanks Jo I knew sandstone wasn't right! Goldstone, goldstone, goldstone! ;-)

  3. I find that your ideas of do-it-yourself are really Great!
    I do not very well speak English because my language is French,
    See you soon on my blog or on your blog


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