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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I'm so excited to have Michelle from My Creative on the blog today. Michelle is an amazing photographer (check out her blog here) and all round creative genius, whenever we meet up I'm always left buzzing with new ideas. 

For today's post Michelle has kindly written about how she lives handmade. Making things is such an important part of my life and it makes me so happy and inspired to hear how other people incorporate handmade elements into their lives. I hope this post inspires you to get a little more creativity into your home. Over to you Michelle...

When Charlotte asked me whether I would be interested in contributing to a new series on "living handmade" I was a bit stumped as to what I would write about.  I didn't really think of myself as a handmade person; the term bringing to mind those macaroni necklaces you made for your mum when you were 5.  Pretty soon though, I noticed that my growing art collection was all handmade!

After much delay I finally got three pieces onto our expanse of white walls.

I love word art and thought that that was certainly something that was easy enough that even I could do it.  I basically found a quote I love, printed it out, cut it out and used a sponge and acrylic paint.  I would love some more 'freestyle' word art but this will do for now.

Using photographs is also an easy "hand made" way of growing your art collection.  Admittedly this one is an Ansel Adams poster we bought at an exhibition but having your own artwork printed is easy to do these days with a whole range of online printers. 

Alternatively if you have no artistic bone in your body you can support other artists who make handmade pieces.  I instantly loved this piece from Jo Heckandon which I bought within an hour after seeing it.  It is limited edition screen print but only costs £20.  Supporting local artists does not have to bankrupt you!

One of the great things about handmade art is that it is cheap enough that I can swap out pieces if I want to change the look and I don't feel too guilty about it or have to spend a wack of cash.

I'd love to know what handmade pieces you have in your home?  Link to your instagram in the comments if you like.

Thanks so much Michelle - When I have more wall space I'm definitely going to give this word art a try. And how nice do the tones of black, white and copper look? 

Images - My Creative


  1. Hey, thanks for featuring my print! Michelle was my first EVER sale, buying that piece one hour after the shop opened. Also loving the home made word art - great idea!

  2. Lovely art work and a great mix of bought/made, love it!!

    1. It Is such a good mix, Michelle did an awesome job. X

  3. Great post. Love all the art (especially Jo's)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy


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