Floral Friday - Making a mark

Friday, 12 April 2013

Dan has been away working this week so I have been left to my own devices which has mainly consisted of eating my way through a loaf of banana bread, after work shopping and watching absolute rubbish on telly. Its been nice (and nice is the only suitable word) but I have had a strange sense of guilt, I feel like I should have been making more things and planning genius business ideas during my spare evenings but I haven't and I keep telling myself off. I read this fab post last week about following your dreams and not letting anyone tell you you can't do them but seemly I have the opposite problem the only person putting doubt in my mind is me and I need to get over it. I think I'm suffering from blank-sketch-book-syndrome, you know when you buy a new sketch book and think I must have the best idea but you're paralysed about making a mark on the page, this is happening to me. What I really want to do is start running jewellery making classes for girls (and boys) like you and me but I have no idea where to start, well putting it out there on the internet is a beginning but thats it. Out of interest, if I started classes would you come along (they'll be around London)? What would you like to learn? Do you know any good venues? All ideas gratefully received, seriously if you have any good ideas you'd like to share just drop me an email, I really need to start marking up a few blank pages. 

Thanks for reading today's rambling, its good to share. Have a fantastic weekend, the lovely lady at Temple station told me its going to be 20 degrees on Sunday, 20 degrees! Even if its 10 I'll be happy! xx


  1. Hi,
    The idea of teaching jewellery making classes is great. What about local colleges? The ones around Cambridge (and I am sure London) hold adult classes in the evenings and Saturdays. My silversmithing teacher was someone who was a jeweler by day and taught a couple of classes in the evenings.

    Nikki x @ Bead It and Weep

    1. Hi Nikki

      That is a really good Idea I learnt at my local college, I will make some enquires...


  2. I love the idea of starting your own jewelry class - and if I was in London, I would absolutely attend! I know how you feel on being your own worst enemy. Sometimes I feel guilty for not doing enough in a day but then I remember how important it is to relax. Down time is huge for peace of mind!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. Thats very true Emily, I don't ever give myself downtime. Thanks for your encouragement I have been making a few plans this week. xx


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