DIY - Leather Tassel Necklace

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Here's a lovely summery Isabel Marant inspired DIY to start the week. When Erin from Thanks I Made It (If you haven't looked at her blog make sure you do) tweeted about a tassel making ban I was more than happy to help a crafter in need and make this tutorial on her behalf. Apart from these I haven't done many tassel tutorials but like Erin I'm now hooked you can expect to see a lot more around these parts especially as I ordered so much leather. Talking of leather (I ordered mine from Ebay, of course) make sure you buy a thin as you can, go for a 1mm or thinner. The green tassels were meant to be pink but the pieces I ordered were too thick so they are now safely tucked on the craft supplies pile ready for another project. 

It was great fun doing a project for another blog, putting your own spin on someone's idea can really take you from your comfy place once in a while (I am available if anyone wants tutorials). I've become quite fond of my new tasseled friend and I'm planning to wear with bright neony pinks or my grey t-shirt selection come sunny days.

A big thanks to Erin for having me visit.
For all steps click here for details. 


  1. Heya :)
    I just found your blog and am totally in love with it! Great tutorials, lovely DIYs... You are now on my daily reading list and part of my blogroll ;)

    Looking forward to read more.

  2. Ahh thanks so much Lici, that has made my day. :-)


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