DIY - fabric and bead plaited necklace

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Here's a real beauty of a DIY that requires no fancy equipment just a pair of scissors. All materials were purchased on a recent charity shop haul - so not only is this necklace nice to look at it's helping others too! I love having a good charity shop rummage, the worse they look from the outside the better the stuff on the inside. 

I started with these green beads (for this project find beads that are stuck onto a string) and then found  this purple vintage Liberty silk fabric which harmonised perfectly. I was worried it was all going to start looking a bit earth mother so started looking for some pizazz; I found 5 meters (whoop) of this almost fluro pink fabric and this flowery diamante brooch to contrast against the natural looking silk fabric. I had the chain from an old handbag so whipped that into the mix too.  These necklaces work best when you mix your textures, use fabrics and beads that clash together. I have put all the steps below. 

You'll need: 
Two contrasting pieces of fabric about 1 meter long and 15cm wide
4 strands of beads 
1 meter of wide chain
A brooch (you don't have to stop at 1)

Step 1. Cut 3 strips of fabric 1.5cm wide. Two in one colour fabric and one in the other.

Step 2. Tie your fabric to the beads and chain. You should have two strands with one piece of fabrics and two strands of beads and one strand with one piece of fabric and chain.

Step 3. Knot all three pieces together and plait.

Step 4. Keep plaiting for about 45cm or until you end of your beads. Tie another knot to close.

Step 5. Cut 2 pieces of fabric about 3cm wide and 50cm long. about 10cm from one end loop the fabric through the end of the plaited end and pull the ends through.

Step 6. Now add your brooch, I put mine just off centre but am planning to add a few more to the mix.

There you have it a really stunning necklace made simple. I have worn this loads and it always gets a compliment or two. Happy making! x


  1. This is so pretty. I've said it before and I'll sy it again - you lady, are very talented xx

    1. Thats so kind thanks so so much! :-) x

  2. Lovely necklace. I love all the bright colours.


    @ Bead It and Weep

    1. Thanks Nikki - I had a really lucky day with my colours I think. x

  3. this came out beautifully! and thanks again for sharing a project on my site! xo

    1. Thanks Erin, My pleasure on the tutorial it was great fun. x

  4. Oh this is adorably creative! Perfect for summer!

  5. It is a good piece for summer as the fabric keeps it really light. x

  6. Oh WOW!! I'm a HUUUUGE fan of big bold statement necklaces and you've just made this look so straightforward to do! Absolutely love it!! The colours are simply divine! Must give this a go and see if it turns out half as good as yours! ;) Thanks soo much for sharing!x


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