DIY - Neon Stem Glasses

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It feels ages away but Easter is next week, can you believe it? In preparation I'm sharing a really easy DIY perfect for a spring celebration. I don't really like giving a standard Easter eggs, all the excess packaging really bothers me, this year I'm giving these recycled glasses filled with goodies instead. Not only are these glasses really cheap to make they would look great on a fun Easter table filled small bunches of spring flowers, mini eggs, feathers or those little fluffy spring chicks. Once Easter has gone I'm going to save mine for storing jewellery, of course!  All the steps are below.  
You'll need: Small glasses, neon spray paint, masking tape and old news paper

Step 1. Using masking tape cover the area that you don't want to spray and fill glasses with newspaper, this stops the paint from going into the glasses

Step 2. Spray your glasses with three fine layers of paint leaving to dry between each layer

Step 3. Once dry, remove masking tape

That's it, so simple

Now you can fill with feathers...
...with cute Easter treats (I always fall for these cute fluffy chicks!)...

...Or fill with flowers - Happy Making! 

P.S - Want more sprayed glass goodness, have a look at these lace sprayed beauties.


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