Inspiration - Lauren Kathleen Fowler

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

 Just as I had written about being in a bit of a creative lull, these fantastic images arrived in my inbox. My lovely friend sent me the link to the super Lauren Kathleen Fowler; gorgeous textiles, beautiful sketch book pages and stunning illustrations. Her collection really made me smile it's so fun, ladylike and touchable! It was just what I needed to see on a Monday morning and has already sparked a few ideas, make sure you take a look. 
These pages make me want to start a new sketchbook
I love everything on this page, especially the glasses


  1. I love looking at inspirational sketchbook pages. These are lovely.

    Nikki x @ Bead It and Weep

    1. Me too, there is something about them...

  2. Nice. I like very much sketches. If you like have a glance at mine. Dan


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