DIY - Wire heart necklace

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I can't promise that this is my last heart tutorial (turns out making stuff heart shaped is really fun) but it is my favourite. It follows exactly the same steps as last weeks wrapped heart but on a small scale and fixed onto a chain. What I really love about this is how simple it is to put together, I cheated and used a pre-made necklace which cuts down the making time down no end. Stupidly I deleted the step-by-step photos before I uploaded, so I will describe them below. As a starting point follow this tutorial for how to make the initial heart shape. 

Step 1. Cut two pieces of wire about 10cm long

Step 2. Fold your first piece of wire in half so you have a "V" shape

Step 3. Taking something circular, I used the fattest part of my round nose pliers - a pencil, chop stick would work of you don't have pliers - make a circle shape one side of the "V". Repeat on the other side 

Step 4. You should now have the sides of your heart facing downwards and slightly over-lapping. Wrap the ends of the wire over each other and snip off any excess wire

Step 5. For your second heart, repeat all the steps above but before you close the heart thread your first heart, so they are linked together

Step 6. Take your chain and cut in the very centre. Using your jump rings thread your hearts to the necklace 

I do love making statement pieces of jewellery but sometimes is it good to switch things things up and make something really dinky. I know this one is a winner as my sister has asked me everyday since the weekend to make her one. Happy making! x


  1. This is too sweet. Great minds think alike, eh? Might just have to add this to my wire charm repertoire

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. I know - promise I wasn't copying you!


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