DIY - Heart Friendship Bracelets

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Today's DIY is a sweet friendship bracelet idea that can be made in any colourway you like, I chose red and gold as its love season and I had a stash of red hearts. There are so many variations of friendship bracelet around, this is a good one as they are sturdier than just threading beads onto beading elastic (although there is nothing wrong in that) and be whizzed up in no time. I have put all the steps below. 
You'll need; Tiger tail, small crimps, crimp covers, spring clasp, 7mm jump rings, seed beads (in a colour of your choice) and decorative beads 
Step 1. Measure your wrist and cut a piece of tiger tail the same length plus 10cm. About 2cm from the end thread on your crimp and squeeze closed. Trim the excess tiger tail

Step 2. Thread on your crimp cover and gently close to cover your crimp

Step 3. Thread on your seed beads to about half way. I made a slight bend so I knew where half way was

Step 4. Thread on your decorative beads and then thread on the rest of the tiger tail with beads. When you get to your desired length thread on a crimp cover and then a crimp. Squeeze the crimp closed and then the crimp cover over the top

Step 5. Taking a 5mm jump ring, fix your spring fastening to one end of the bracelet  

Step 6. Add a 7mm jump ring to the other end of the bracelet. You could add a piece of adaptor chain at this point if you wish. I wanted to keep mine simple so left off. 
These make really cute presents especially if you don't have loads to spend but want something personal. These aren't designed to last forever so you have fun making them in really contrasting colour ways or finding unusual beads to go on the centre. I really love version with the off centre heart, but how your design yours is entirely up to you. Happy making! 


  1. How cute are these little bracelets? It would even look nicer if you wear it all at the same time with different colors or maybe just these two colors. My girlfriends would love these friendship bracelets if I made one for them. But first, I have to find every single material you used. I hope mine turns out as pretty as yours.

    1. I'm sure the will love them. It looks like a lot of materials but you'll be able to use them for loads of other projects or why not get your friends round for a crafternoon and share the costs?

  2. So sweet. I'e never used crimp covers before and now get what they are! Can't wait to try something similar!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. Ha, they are great for making things look professional.


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