Birthday moments

Monday, 25 February 2013

Firstly thank you for the birthday messages on Friday's post, I'm so glad you enjoyed my nuggets of wisdom. Here are some snap shots of the weekend, it was pretty busy but so full of love and laughter (cheesy but true). I spent Friday knee deep in crepe paper and cooking for 35. Saturday celebrating with all my favourite people (even our family rabbit let me pick him up) and Sunday recovering! It was exactly how I hoped it would be. 


  1. SO glad you had such a lovely time, it sounds ideal! From what I can see in the photos it looks bloody beautiful too. I need to know if that is some kind of beaded flamingo fabric or something - it looks amazing!

    1. Haha - it is a beaded clutch from Anthropologie. It's pretty amazing and combines four of my favorite things;beads, flamingos, clutch bags, Anthropologie! X


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