Shopping - January Brights

Monday, 21 January 2013

I feel things have been getting a little plain around here, and some colour is needed (especially with all this snow around). I was having fantasy shop the other night and thought I'd share my current dream purchases. No I can't afford any of them but they are so very pretty...I can't even tell you how much I want those leopard print Charlotte Olympia's and how obsessed I've become with Dara Ettinger jewellery. 


  1. That ring is amazing. Wow.

  2. Its so amazing, this is why I am obsessed. Liberty has a really great range of her earrings are incredible. x

  3. the dress is so unique and adorable! good finds :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I love the dress the pattern is amazing when you zoom in. X

  4. Love that dress. I can't believe it's from Liberty's. A bit out of my price budget sadly :(.

  5. I'm a girl who loves color, so this is FANTASTIC! I love how it is split between warm colors and cool colors. Both can be so bright and fun! :)

  6. I couldn't choose between them so added both. Could definitely do with a dash of colour at the moment! X


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