DIY - Tassel Chain Earrings

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

This tassel earring DIY is the first upcycling project I have planned for January. I have pulled together a few tutorials using materials that you might already have in your jewellery box. I have had this necklace for years, I brought it in Turkey but could never wear as the sequins itched like crazy so I decided to convert into a pair of earrings. Now I realise this specific chain might be hard (impossible) to come by but it would work well with any other chain you might have, you know all those long necklaces that had owls on a few years ago, that sort of chain would be perfect. I have put all the steps below so dig out all that extra jewellery heading to the clear - out pile and get making. 

You'll need:
An old necklace or about 2.5m of fine chain
3mm wire (I went for a contrasting colour but you could same colour if you prefer)
Beads (these are about 1cm)
Eye pins
Earring hooks
Step 1. Remove any finding and hooks so you are left with lengths of chain 
Step 2. Cut your chain into lengths - I cut 6 lengths per earring about 16cm long 
Step 3. Cut a length of wire about 20cm long and lay your strands over the top.
Step 4. Gather your chain in the centre 
Step 5. Taking one side of the wire wrap around the top of the earring
Step 6. With the other piece of wire create a wrapped loop
 Step 7. Taking another piece of wire about 20cm long bunch all the strands of wire together and wrap the wire tightly. This can be a little fiddly so you might need to shuffle the strands of chain into place before you complete the wrapping. I wrapped each end of wire around three times and snipped off any extras
Step 8. You can use regular wire for this step, I used a head pin as I wanted the wire to be the same colour as the bead. Using the wire create a wrapped loop into the loop of the tassel. 
Step 9. Thread on your bead and the create another wrapped loop to finish. 
Step 10. Open the loop of an earring hook, by carefully pulling each side in opposite directions. Thread on the tassel and close the loop. 
There you go the first DIY for 2013, if you having a clear out over the next few weeks keep this project in mind its great for giving a luxe touch to some old jewels - happy making! x


  1. These are so pretty! I love the little star details on the chain. :)


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