DIY - Metal and fine chain earrings

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

This DIY is a lesson in knowing when to stop, the first time I made these they had a few sparkles on but they just weren't right. They were the last thing I made in a huge DIY session and it was one craft too far. So this weekend when the sun finally came I stripped them back and re-made them in simple fresh colours and I have to say I am now completely in love with them, they give me hope that spring isn't too far away. All the steps are below. 
You'll need:
Some sort of metal shape - brought mine here
Small faceted beads, I couldn't find a link but you'll need a bead which is about 8mm wide

Step 1. First cut two lengths of your fine chain 6cm long and set to one side. Then cut a length of wire about 10cm long and start to make your loop. About 3cm from one end of the wire wrap tightly around your round nose pliers and thread on your metal shape. 

Step 2. Taking the loop and your flat nose pliers in one hand and the other end of the wire in the other hand, wrap the wire in a clockwise direction creating a closed loop.

Step 3. Repeating steps 1 and 2 make another loop, close to your first and thread your chain. Close the loop as step 2. 

Step 4. Repeat on both sides and on both metal shapes so you have your chain connected to your shapes. 

Step 5. Making another loop, thread on your chain and shape and close the loop using the above wrapping method. Thread your bead and make another wrapped loop. Repeat for the other earring. 

Step 6. Gently open the loop on your earring stand thread your "decoration" onto the the stand and close the loop. 

There is a lot of wrapping and looping in this tutorial so if you haven't done this before have a little practice before you start.
I had to include the shadows in this picture to remind me what the sun looks like and gives me hope for summer crafting. Happy making! x


  1. very cute! I really like the rust color with mint green.

    1. Thanks Erin, I have to say the colours do look lovely together. x

  2. Great earrings and I agree with Erin - great colour combination! I always enjoy looking through your jewellery ideas.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  3. So pretty. A simple design but so effective. I like earrings like this.
    And just like the other comments. I love the colours!

    Nikki x
    @ Bead It and Weep

  4. Simple is sometimes the best option. x

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