DIY Inspiration - Hair Do's

Monday, 14 January 2013

To look at me you wouldn't know it but I am quite obsessed with hair-do's I pin them alot! This is partly do to the fact that I am unable to get out of bed on dark mornings and a fancy plait is the best way to disguise hair that needs a wash and partly because a good do gives even the most basic outfit a boost. I love all these styles for their simplicity and ease especially the bottom left, I do this quite a lot especially on gym days when I need to be quick. If you want to make things more jazzy then all you need to do is add a pretty clip, hairband or my current favourite a simple piece of ribbon

Whilst we're on the subject of hair there are three products that I cannot live without and I seriously recommend:
L'Oreal Elvive Extaordinary Oil - This stuff is brilliant; it stops winter static and lasts months
Batiste Dry Shampoo  - For those of us who aren't naturally blonde, this blends in with roots a treat
Kirby Grips - If you're anything like me you don't a link as they seem to multiply around sinks and on bedside tables but these long ones from Boots are very good


  1. I wish I could do more exciting stuff with my hair! Maybe just keep a hairdresser in the cupboard who I can pull out every morning.

  2. That's the dream, when I win the lottery i'll have a hairdresser with me at all times!

  3. How funny - I just had pinned that twisted pony hairstyle when I saw your post. Am so lazy with my hair, but that looks like one even I can manage :)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy


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