DIY- Easy Charm Necklace

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

For todays post* I want to show you how to make a very easy charm necklace using up your all your old and mis-matched jewels. These are just a fraction of what I have in my stash; some charms are from far-away flea markets, some from odd earrings and others are from jewels I no longer wear but can't bear to through away - and I bet if you're reading this blog you have a similar in your hoard. When I very first started jewellery making I made a necklace very similar to this, I promise its much easier than it looks and is perfect for those of you who are just starting to make jewellery. All the steps are in this jazzy GIF below.
You'll need:
45cm length chunky chain
lobster clasp
7mm jump rings 
Lots of charms and trinkets 

Step 1. Roughly mark your pattern, you want to use your largest charms in the centre and work outwards in size

Step 2. Taking a jump ring start in the centre and add your first charm. 
To open and close your jump ring, take a pair of pliers in each hand and very gently pull/push the jump ring in opposite directions, thread your charm and close your jump ring in the same way. I found it easier to add charms 5 at a time either side of the central charm

Step 3. Once happy with the amount of large charms, add your medium size charms, again add 5 at a time so you can keep an eye on the balance and design of your necklace

Step 4. Now add your smallest charms, these should finish the necklace so keep your prettiest for the end. 

Step 5. To finish add your lobster clasp to the end of the chain and you are done. 

If this has whet your appetite for renovating your old jewels take a look these tassel earrings and easy earring bracelet - Happy Making!

*Note to self - make sure you take a picture of the final product. Sorry for the bad photo's, I promise it looks good in real life! 


  1. This is such a lovely idea *mentally rifles through old jewellery to see what would work*

    1. Thank you despite the awful photos I'm glad you get the idea. I didn't think i'd have enough bits to start with you'll be surprised how much you have. Would love to know if you make one. X

  2. It's lovely! And the photos are not awful at all! x

    1. Ah thanks, you know when something looks better in your head than on a screen...but its growing on me! x


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