Floral Friday - Having a rest

Friday, 21 September 2012

A simple Floral Friday today as I'm having a few days off  (hopefully they'll be full of sun). I haven't written any posts for next week so if things are on light side I'll be back refreshed and raring to go in a week. I'll leave you with this blog that I have just discovered, check out these amazing rings and have a good scroll through, I love how it is just a tumble of thoughts. Have a super weekend xx 

DIY - Jewelled Tassel

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I know I should stop posting about tissue tassels but the options you can create with them really are endless. Here is a really quick way to jazz them up even more, these took me about 5 minutes to put together. 

You'll need; Three tassels (using this tutorial), curling ribbon, jewels and beads and a glue gun (or normal glue) 

To make; take three tassels and bind together using your curling ribbon gluing the ends down to secure. 
Then glue on your jewels, thats it!

When my garland was complete my little niece said "Auntie Charlotte it looks like a big necklace", she was right it did which then started me thinking how about these on a small scale...

Shopping - Kate Spade

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I try to stay positive as much as possible but sometimes like anyone it all get a bit much. The other day before I had taken my first sip of tea the day had taken a turn for the worse and there was only one thing I could do to save it go to my happy place at lunch and start the day again. Luckily for me my happy place is all living and breathing in the form of Kate Spade, I could live there, I really could. I find the colours and the lovely things so soothing obviously I wanted everything but was particularly taken with the range of lady dresses and dancing shoes - here's my wish list.

All items - Kate Spade

A pearl celebration

Monday, 17 September 2012

Flowers on Monday, yes that's right! My family and I had another celebration this weekend this time we had dinner for Mum and Dad's thirtieth wedding anniversary. The original plan was to go out however, everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment and so my auntie offered to cook which is win win really as she can cook just as good as any restaurant and you get to have second helpings! From my friends birthday to my parents anniversary I think that the key to celebrating at home is all about the detail; add a few extra special decorations (it is always worth the effort despite what people may say), beautiful flowers, good food and something sparkly to drink never hurts. Ok so it does take more effort and planning than just turning up to a bar or restaurant but the result is always so much more memorable.
Roses (top picture) - Simple but beautiful flowers, not everyone has a florist on hand to make a centre piece. But you can take inspiration from this pretty arrangement my cousin made by keeping your flowers to just one colour. 

Tassels - I can't stop making these tassel garlands, this time I used iridescent, white, silver and blue for a garland which we hung straight across the table (its staying up until Christmas!) 

Sequins - Even if you are at home never waste an opportunity to dress up a special dinner
Champagne - I love Champagne but can never afford it if I'm out, a few bottles at dinner is such a treat
 In my family not occasion is celebrated without a pavlova, we added a few sparklers for added magic!

Floral Friday - two things

Friday, 14 September 2012

This week I have been sketching floral pieces on various post-its around my desk and I think that this mighty necklace is to blame. I saw this piece from Swash London, I'm not sure how I came their site but they have some pretty good stuff going on. Originally I called them a print/scarf duo but that really doesn't do them justice, have a look their site and you'll see what I mean. 

Also, whilst scooting around the internet I came across the artist/illustrator Charlotte Hardy , sometimes I embrace the fact that I will always love a feminine painting over something more edgy. The colour palettes and whimsical style of painting had me hooked plus she's called Charlotte which makes us practically twins! 
Work exploded (not literally) this week so I'm hoping to get a bit crafty over the next few days to balance things out. I've been booked to make more of these for my Mum & Dad's thirtieth wedding anniversary and I hope to finish a jeweled collar I started last weekend. Whatever your plans, I hope that you have a good one. xx

Images - Swash and Charlotte Hardy

A super new necklace

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Today I am sharing a recent necklace I made for a friends birthday (hey Dils!) Not only is she a super reader of my blog but an all round super girl. As soon as I remembered (yes, I need alot of warning when it comes to birthdays) I knew* I was going to make her a big ol' necklace using these perfect berry shade beads in my stash. 

*ok, she asked me after a few of these too.
I love the process of making these necklaces, its hard to capture each step as they just happen (have a look at this post for some details). However, I always start with pulling a mini mood board using the beads, ribbon and chain I plan on using -  this gives me an idea on how the colours all work together.  
I then plait, twist and weave the beads and ribbon until I have the right balance of colour and weight. This necklace I finished off with golden leaves and a ribbon tie, that way it can be worn at different at different lengths. I was really happy with how this necklace turned out, I get a bit attached to each one I make and obviously I now want one for myself...

Under my umbrella

Monday, 10 September 2012

I love summer and I know here in the UK summer just means the evenings are light and sometimes it gets above 20 degrees but I love it anyway. The thought of winter just fills me with dread (I realise this sounds a tad dramatic) but I don't want to be in the continuous dark and cold. I read on quite a few blogs last week how "excited for autumn" people were but this just made my fear of winter even worse - and if I read the same again this week, they'll be off my favourites list. 

Luckily for me though, the past weekend was a scorcher. I spent the day on the beach on Saturday, my dad did his best barbeque yet (sardines taste so much better when eaten in proximity to the sea), went crabbing and generally just lazed around. As you can see I didn't really venture far to take photos, I took these from my deck-chair! I'll be savoring the happy memory of days on the beach as bright, warm, sunny days will always be better for the soul than dark nights can ever be.
 Birthday banners - we were celebrating my nieces fourth birthday
Umbrella's, sun and blue skies
 Beach huts all in a row - I love how each one is individual
More umbrella's and the sun making the sea sparkle

Floral Friday - An easy drink to make

Friday, 7 September 2012

I hope you have enjoyed party week, I hadn't realised how much thought I had put into it until I wrote it all down, but I guess thats the beauty of having a blog you can look back at what you've done and feel a teeny bit proud. I have already had a request for the tassel garland which I am excited about, I had to stop myself yesterday afternoon from going out and stocking up on new supplies.

Anyway back to business, here is the last post for the week (I know I could do with one of these tonight), and it only seems right that I finish with a drink. I the only downside to holding a party at home is there is no-one to mix cocktails for you, but a party without cocktails wouldn't have been right. We decided on simple drinks that had a vodka base and could easily be made in large batches, this lemon delight was an unexpected success and I think it'll become our drink for nights out to come as we're still talking about it nearly two weeks on.

Here's how to make: 

Add ice and a good slug of vodka to a jug (for non-drinkers leave out the vodka). Top up with fancy French or Italian lemonade and then add mint, basil and lemon rind, give it a little mix (not the pop group) and pour into glasses - enjoy (responsibly, its quite lethal)! 

Cheers - Have a great weekend. xx 

Party Supplies

Thursday, 6 September 2012

As I said in Monday's post I spent a good few weeks sourcing supplies, most came from Amazon or Ebay but I don't think they were neccessarily the best places, I had to keep sending my crepe paper back as it was the wrong colour and tissue paper on Amazon was kind of expensive, I should have just gone to Paperchase - oh well! Along with disposable items like the tissue decorations I brought a few bits that I have put into a party kit most things I brought in charity shops or already had but I have rounded up my favourite items, you can see the focus is on pretty pieces that can be used in different ways with each event that you host. 

Plates - Anthropologie (Ok these are expensive but you'll only need a few)
Glasses - Zara Home (I love using a mix of glasses as it doesn't ruin a set if one gets broken)
Straws - Papermash (Papermash has a great selection of party bits, these straws are a favourite of mine)
Tablecloth - H&M (My mum has this tablecloth and she uses it all the time) 
Crepe paper - Pearl and Earl (The site has soooo many party supplies, I love their crepe paper selection) 

DIY - Tissue Tassel Garland

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I do love bunting, I try to be over it but I'm not as soon as I see a line fluttering in  the breeze out comes my camera and onto Instagram it goes. However, as this is party week and I wanted to make something a little more special. My friend Quan made some amazing Pom Poms using this tutorial, but I have been looking for an excuse to make a a Confetti System style tassel banner for a while so this is what I made. I looked on-line for tutorials but they all seemed over complicated to me and not full enough, so I have done my own, all the details are below:  
You'll need:
Sheets of tissue paper
Craft knife/cutting mat
Step 1 ) Fold your tissue into quarters (I did 4 sheets at a time) and cut along the longest folded side, this will give you two piles of tissue
Step 2) Take your pile and start cutting strips, starting from 5cm the top fold and approx. 1cm in width, do this until you have cut along the whole sheet of paper
Step 3) Open out your sheets of paper
Step 4) Taking one sheet only, start to roll your tissue
Step 5) Once you have rolled your tissue, start to twist it forming a "rope")
Step 6) Twist your "rope" back on itself to secure
Repeat the above steps until you have your piles of tassels. It took me about two hours to complete thirty. When you have done the amount you need, thread onto some ribbon and then hang as desired. 

Party on Pintrest

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

As I am a Pintrest addict I even started a board for the party planning, I was quite helpful as I could keep track of DIY's and ideas that I found along the way. Here is what I pulled together for the party, I went for a mix of turquoise, peach, lilac and gold, I wanted it to be pretty but not OTT girly as that wouldn't have suited my friend at all. I loved this combination the darker turquoise stopped everything from looking too sweet. 

Party Party!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Last weekend was my best friends thirtieth birthday and I'm so excited to share the details with you all. Organising party's is a pretty fun job to have albeit a little stressful, I was more nervous about this than my own wedding, I mean what if she didn't like paper decorations the whole thing would have been a complete disaster! I spent about six weeks on-line looking for the right shades of crepe paper streamers, tissue and life size cut outs of Daniel Craig, luckily when myself and team party got together it all went swimmingly and we were able to put on quite a show(which she loved). I can't take all the credit, my friends all did a fantastic job of making incredible food, pom poms and putting together a cracking playlist for the night, in celebration of our success I'm dedicating this weeks posts to party planning - enjoy! 
When I put this post together I realised I forgot to take some photo's of everything we did, so here are just a few snippets...The top photos are of the tissue paper delights we made; we hung streamers from the ceiling, huge poms poms over the birthday cake table and tissue garlands where ever else we had space, they were really effective if a little flamable. 

Maybe its the blogger in me, but I always wanted to go to a party where they had striped straws, my friend brought some over from New York and I found the rest on-line, they do make drinks taste a bit papery but look so pretty! Some of our favourite bars serve drinks in mis-matched vintage glasses, I collected about thirty for the party which looked so good, plus everyone knew who's drink was who's. Finally I baked as if my life depended on it, I made about a thousand biscuits, fairy cakes and a birthday cake too, I didn't know I had it in me! I haven't shown this but my friend lurves Daniel Craig so we brought a life size cut out and for a personal touch I made  toppers with photos of Daniel Craig and my friend for our cheese and pineapple - in our opinion nothing quite says party like personalised cheese and pineapple! 
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