A Good Room - Fryd + Design

Monday, 30 July 2012

Dan and I are busy sorting our flat at the moment, we are hoping to move soon-ish as we have out grown our current flat. Naturally my mind skips past the practical elements of house buying and straight on to how I can decorate. Fryd + Design is my current favourite source of inspiration this room was posted last week and to me this is my perfect room; relaxed, soft and with a pop of bright colour to stop it looking twee. It looks an ideal room to spend an afternoon with friends drinking G&T's. 

And, talking of things which are inspiring did you see the opening ceremony on Friday? It totally blew me away, I have never been so proud to be British! 

Image - Fryd + Design

Floral Friday - Charlotte Olympia

Friday, 27 July 2012

Have you ever seen a shoe more perfectly suited to the English weather? Dark enough so they won't get ravaged with rain but bright a enough to shine in the sun. The last pair of Charlotte Olympia's inspired a whole wedding, who knows what these would cause me to create?! 

Have a super weekend! x 

DIY - How to tie a bow

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

According to my Google search words,"how to tie a bow" is the most constantly searched for DIY. For some of you I realise that this is glaringly obvious but for those who don't, this DIY is just for you. I think I was born with ribbon in my hand as I can't remember when I haven't added a bow to my hair, to a present or even a door handle - to me anything be-ribboned is better.  Here's my how to, with a few ideas added in. 
Materials - Well anything ribbony really. I love using colourful scraps of fabric (tear selvedge to selvedge to make a strip), netting, grosgrain, velvet anything goes really so get creative. 
1) First take your ribbon and fold in half and then half again making a pair of "bunny ears"
2)Put the left "ear" over the right 
3) Tuck under and back on itself
4) Pull tight and you have your basic bow
5) Snip your ends to length, I normally keep my ends double the length of the "ears" and always cut on a diagonal 
For gift wrapping
1) Find the centre of your strip and place horizontally across your box (so there are equal lengths either sides)
2) Flip your box over, and twist your ribbons 90 degrees 
3)Bring your ribbons back to the top and secure in a double knot
4) Repeat steps on a basic bow
I love using brown paper and colourful ribbons for my presents, it works for any occasion and anytime of year
Now that you have mastered your basic bow there are so many things you can do with it. Above I glued on a few jewels and added on a brooch back (try Amazon for a bumper pack) to make a cute little brooch. There is so much beautiful embellished ribbon out there buy something decadent and give out as gifts, I think that they would make great favors for a wedding. Alternatively you can spruce up an old necklace buy tying a length of colourful ribbon or fabric onto it, tie just of centre to keep it interesting.
One last idea add onto a hair-pin or band - make sure you double knot first and make up the bow as the original instructions. In summer use chiffons and coloured satins in winter use moody velvets or prim grosgrain.
Now your set to make your life bow-tastic - happy making!

We have a winner...

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Thanks to everyone that entered my competition, I'm so touched and loved reading your lovely comments. My sister has just helped me pick a winner at I am delighted to say that Charlotte you have won the bracelet set - congratulations!

July - some recent purchases

Monday, 23 July 2012

Last week my dad told me I was tight with my money, after some shrieking on my part he explained that I am careful with what I spend and alway stick to a budget. This is partly true I do have a monthly budget but my credit card is my downfall all it takes is a quiet day at work, a little hangover or bad weather to make me jump on-line or pop to the shops in a lunch break and buy things I don't need. I think I'm going to start to document things here as I am desperately trying to clear my credit card so I can buy these as my reward but also clear some of the clutter in my life. I have made myself some July resolutions to try an be a better shopper: 

1) Stop on-line shopping at work; read a new blog, check pintrest or do what I'm paid for (!) 
2) Make an effort to go to the shops to actually buy what I need not random stuff that looks good on-line and check my cupboards before hand so I don't double up.
3) Buy jewellery supplies on-line at home so I don't get distracted by new beads that way I can check what I actually need

Thats all, I'm starting slow but I hope that it will help me in some way! I'll post my progress next month.If you're nosey here are the details of the above new buys:
Tops - Zara (sale)
Book - Amazon
Shoes - My Wardrobe (sale)
Plates  - Charity Shop (£3 for 6 - bargain)
Jewels - Local bead shop
Top/Dresses - Cos (sale) 

Floral Friday - DIY projects for the weekend

Friday, 20 July 2012

This week has felt like a long one, my mind keeps wandering to the stack of things I have on my make list, I fully intend to have a weekend of DIYing, party planning (for my best friends up-coming birthday) and buying a much needed new mattress!  

Do you have any DIY's planned? These bracelets have been one of my most popular posts why not give them a go, I promise you they are easy. Of course I'm not the only one in a bracelet phase check out some of these other great DIY's...

Why not try Grace's diamond shapes or these embellished beauties from HonestlyWTF? If you run out of wrist space why not try this rug, I will be giving it a go one day...

Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter my competition xx

Competition - Win a Friendship Bracelet Set

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I'm very excited as today I have my very first competition (it might be the last depending on how it goes!). I got carried away whilst making these and these and have a spare set to give away (1 knotted bracelet and 2 silver beaded bracelets). All you need to do is comment below, leaving your email so I can contact you if you win - Good Luck! x

The competition closes on Tuesday 24th July at about 6pm (GMT) and I will announce the winner on Wednesday 25th. 

Floral Friday -Tumbling Roses

Friday, 13 July 2012

Some pretty tumbling roses to finish the week, bringing a bit of summer cheer to these endless rainy skies. Happy weekend. xx

Shopping - Bimba & Lola

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Whilst out for dinner last week, my friend whipped out a rather beautiful new purse from Bimba & Lola, I felt like I had heard of them but couldn't place the name. After some investigation they are now firmly ingrained as an accessories destination, whilst they might not be the cheapest the quality is fantastic and have classic written all over them, I recommend you take a look. 

Products all Bimba & Lola

DIY - Knotted Friendship Bracelets

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I have been waiting to post this DIY since I got back from my honeymoon, the trouble is once you start making these is that its hard to stop and then you get to bedazzle them too which is why there was a delay in posting. I can't really believe that these are back in fashion I started making them when I was about 8 on family holidays, I never thought I would be pulling friendship bracelets out the bag twenty years on. I have made mine with jewels and a few vintage extra's so I can wear them in the office but if you're employers won't judge your for looking beachy you can keep them plain. Steps below
Materials (for a basic bracelet)
Embroidery threads 
Safety pins

Materials* (for Jazzing up a basic bracelet)
Coloured Jewels
Cord ends 
Jump rings (not pictured)
A selection of Jewelery closures (lobster clasps, bar fastening etc)
Tassels (made using excess cotton) 
* You really can use whatever you have to hand
For a basic bracelet
1) Cut lengths of thread approx. 80cm long. 
If you are knotting a straight forward diagonal your threads can be in any order.
If you are knotting a chevron then you will need two lengths of each colour

2) Gather your threads and about 10cm from the top tie a loose knot. Using a safety pin fasten to a cushion (or something solid)

3) To start knotting, I find its easier to work left to right, make a backwards "4" using your outside thread and the one next to it. You want the tension to fairly tight and make sure you do two knots per thread. If you are doing straight lines repeat until you get all the was across the strings, if you are doing a chevron then stop when you get to the centre. 

 If you are doing straight lines then just keep going until you are at your desired length.

4)If you are making a chevron shape repeat step three on the right side, when you get to the centre knot the two lengths of thread together and repeat the steps with the next colour thread. Keep repeating this until you reach your final length. 

5) To finish plait the threads together and tie with a knot. 
To jazz things up you can really start to use your imagination. I cut the ends off my bracelets and fixed on end caps, so I could add chains and beads but you don't have to you can keep your ends plaited and just stick on jewels. You can really do what you want at this stage, the main thing is to have fun with it. 

A little tip to decide on width, 1 thread equals 1mm of bracelet. So a ten thread bracelet would make a bracelet width of 1cm. 

If you get stuck at any point just give me a tweet and I'll be happy to help out. 
Voila! Happy making!

48 Hours in Singapore

Monday, 9 July 2012

 I finally got round to sorting my honeymoon photo's this weekend - it feels like such a long time ago. We spent two days in Singapore before heading on the the Philippines. It was a whirlwind trip and we managed to pack in quite a bit during our stay. I had never been before so was unsure of what to expect, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised - I loved the mix of modern skyscrapers mixed in with colourful pockets of China Town and Little India - it felt like 10 cities in one. Here are some of my favourite snap shots. 

Above - Colourful streets with a back drop of grey skyscrapers
 Trinkets galore in China Town and a street sign with my new surname (it's still a novelty!)
Amazing coloured buildings in Little India - this coloured house was my favourite

I can't write a post on Singapore without mentioning the shopping, it is incredible! Good job I was exhausted because my credit card would have taken a serious battering, the malls alone make New York shopping look low key. Whilst the air-conditioned malls provided a much needed rest from the heat, I can never resist a street lined with stalls selling tat. In China Town I brought colourful chopsticks which were about a pound and in Little India I brought a gold Indian necklace that has proved pretty useful since I have been home. The best shopping street was Haji Lane, I didn't know anything about it until I got back and did a bit of research, its perfect if like me you can't resist small boutiques selling quirky one-off's. I only made it into a few shops as we had to get to the zoo. I found this site which has a good summary of the shops but I would recommend a visit to Green Poppies and The Salad Shop. I really wish I found this place, I think it would be my dream shop to own one day.

I'll post the photo's from The Philippines soon  they're the perfect antidote to the sporadic summer we're having. 

Floral Friday - DIY Jazz up a jacket

Friday, 6 July 2012

Today's post is more of an up-cycle than a DIY. I brought this Dior (door more like) jacket from Ebay back in March falling for its zesty colour and as usual with Ebay I was dissapointed when it arrived; it was a size too big and pretty poorly made however, I thought it had potential. After some deliberation I decided to give it a over-haul by adding patterned fabric to the sleeves, removing the shoulder pads and adding a jolly corsage. Here are my steps below I hope they inspire you to get crafty this weekend. 
An old jacket 
Needle and thread
Fabric scraps (patterned for the sleeves and chiffon for the corsage)
Brooch Backs
Lets start with the jacket...
1) Measure the length that you want to roll your sleeves up to (your lining will start about 2cm from the cuff) Add a 1cm seam allowance either end and cut two lengths of lining fabric. 
2) As your jacket sleeve will have a taper, the quickest way to get the right shape is to wrap your fabric around the sleeve and cut 2cm from the sleeve edge (add two notches marking the line you will need to sew) Cut two of these making sure they mirror each other 
3)Sew the lining  pieces together (I used a machine but you can hand stitch) right sides facing 
4)Trim your seam allowance so that it is 1cm press open and then press over your seam top and bottom allowances
5) Match the seams and pin into place over the original lining and then hand stitch 
6) To remove the shoulder pads, carefully open along the shoulder seam. Cut your shoulder pad out and stitch the hole closed. 
You can stop here but I can never resist and opportunity to make a corsage...
For the corsage...
1) Cut squares of your patterned fabric, chiffon and net approx. 3x3cm (I used 5 squares of each as a minimum but you can to more)
2) Layer a piece of each fabric keeping the pattern piece on top and then fold in half into a triangle and then again. 
3) Stitch onto a small backing piece of fabric and repeat 4 times until you have made a flower.
4) Stitch on a brooch back
5) Knot and sew a piece of ribbon in the centre to finish off
6) Add to your jacket (I added a few vintage fabric badges with mine)
That's it it seems pretty complicated but it isn't once you get going. I'm so pleased with how this turned out I want to do the same to another one! Have a great weekend. xx

Wish List: Phil Cuttance Vases

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I always get a little over-excited when I see Frankie Magazine arrive on the newsstand outside work, its so full of good things. In the latest issue I fell in love with these Phil Cuttance vases; gorgeous colours and so tactile what more could you want in a vase. I think the dusty pink and lime are my favourites.

Images - Phil Cuttance 

London: Snaps from the weekend

Monday, 2 July 2012

Its not often that I feel like a tourist in London, I spend about eighty percent of my time there and I'm usually rushing from one place to the next. This Saturday was different I stopped rushing and took my time to enjoy the city, the main purpose of the trip was to go and see the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum (if you're a shoe lover I recommend, actually even if you're not a shoe lover I recommend). It ended up being a family affair, with my parents and sisters coming along too. We went to Borough Market which I have never been too; so much good food and open brick work and then we made our along the Thames to the Design Museum. No rushing just taking in the sights, enjoying the beautiful weather and thinking how lucky we are to live so close to this amazing city. I have definitely resolved to appreciate London a lot more (and avoid taking the tube) its quite magnificent when you look up! 
Juice & Signs at Borough Market

A colourful walk along the Thames
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