Floral Friday - Wedding planning tips

Friday, 29 June 2012

To wrap up the last of the wedding posts I thought I would do a little summary of some of my wedding planning tips.

Decide on the type of wedding you want – Do you want it to be traditional, fun, formal, glitzy?  There are so many options but deciding on how you want your wedding to feel will make choosing everything from your venue to your dress much easier

Be flexible, its great to have a strong idea of how you want your day to look but use these initial ideas as a starting point because when budget, venue restrictions, reality kicks in you might need to change your ideas (often things work out better anyway)

Work with passionate people; everyone we used from the venue to the band loved weddings if you get a feeling people don't love weddings as much as you don't use them. 

With decoration, don't be swayed by people who say that's different (I heard that quite a lot). Everyone has their dream wedding and an idea of what is the right thing to do. Follow your heart and instincts and you won't go wrong (unless you are using football colours or doing a Don't Tell the Bride style fancy dress, if you are I would recommend a rethink).

Take a break once in a while, planning a wedding is so time consuming and you will find all you talk about is the wedding. Find a friend who who can talk about something else it really helps.  

If you are DIYing like I did make sure you are realistic about how long each project takes. As a guide if  you think something will take two hours, allow four, projects often take much longer when you are balancing a full time job and organising the practical aspects of the day.

I was really lucky I had an abundance of people that wanted to get involved and help but at the same time I wanted to do lots of it myself. I found keeping the important people involved at the big events like buying the dress, preparing the invites made it feel like a team effort. I have to say some of my favourite moments from the planning where when everyone got together.

Finally, just enjoy it what could be better than spending a year buying a dress, sampling food and wine, endless DIY projects and having a massive party with all your favourite people at the end it! 

Have a great weekend x 

Images - Mckinley Rogers 

DIY - Lace Vases & Colourful Tins

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Until the wedding I have never done a DIY on a large scale before, so I knew when attempting make the centre pieces I needed to keep it as simple and effective as possible. I have combined these two DIY's as they are so easy and look good on a large scale and you can use them anywhere not just for a wedding. 

Large/small food tins  (remove labels and clean throughly) 
A selection of small vases ( I brought cheap drinking glasses) make sure they have a heavy base so they don't tip over
Thick lace (I tried using a fine lace but the pattern didn't show through)
Spray mount 
A selection of coloured spray paints

For the tins: 
Make sure you clean your tins throughly and remove any labels and glue
In a well ventilated area spray the tins, leave to dry and spray again 
Thats it - simple hey?!

For the vases:
Cut your lace to the exact length and circumference of your vase (I did about 70 vases so I think I cut about 20 pieces of lace and re-used)
Using spray mount apply a thin layer of glue to the lace and quickly stick to the vases
Once all your vases are prepped with lace start spraying with your spray paint. I did mine in colour batches so I could do two thin coats of the same colour without moving the vases too much in between coats  
Once dry, remove the lace and fill with flowers
 When the room was set they gave really pretty flashes of colour across all the tables.

Table image - Mckinley Rogers 

Wedding Details - Part 2

Monday, 25 June 2012

Here is the last of my wedding details posts, I have put a summary of the others here (if you want to take a look). I'm going to focus on the dress, bridesmaids and venue as I think that's all I haven't covered and true to form I am starting with the shoes. I brought my wedding shoes before I even thought about a dress; it was love at first sight with these gems from Charlotte Olympia, I haven't seen a shoe better suited to dancing and having fun, ever. I think having my shoes first made finding a dress much easier as I could start visualise how things were going to look from the beginning of planning process. They also provided a "anchor" colour which I based the invites and flowers on.  
I would like to say the first time I thought about my wedding dress was when I got engaged but that would be a complete lie! However, I never dreamt that I'd be wearing a full skirted strapless dress. As I went through the racks trying dresses on, the skirts got fuller and trains got a little longer until I got to this one which not only suited the shoes but was suited to the venue and I figured as this is probably the only time I'd be able to wear a dress like this I might as well go for it! 
One thing I wanted to avoid was having bridesmaids in a really strong colour which dominated the theme of the wedding. After a few discussions we settled on tea dresses in a pretty blush colour that suited all skin tones and wouldn't fight with the flowers. They were made by a really great local dress maker (Julie Ellmore) who did a fantastic job on creating what we wanted, I would definitely recommend doing this if you are after something specific. By some stroke of luck we found perfect shoes to blend in with mine, it wasn't the intention but they worked out a treat.
When all these venue details are together it looks a bit bow-tastic but I promise it was all spaced out and wasn't too much (as much as I love be-ribboning, I know where to draw the line). Having a beautiful venue made decorating such a pleasure, I let the venue dictate the natural look of the flowers and the romantic country edge of the styling - I think its really important to make sure your theme and venue harmonise. I used a mix of ribbons on the chairs to create a bit of colour during the service and then introduced colour in the flower pots, vases and favours on the tables.  

For me, letting the theme come together over the months of planning made sense, I had a strong idea in my head of what I wanted the day to look like and enjoyed taking my time over each step to make it happen. The only downside is that you have one wedding day - I had so many more ideas that I would love to have used! 

All photos - Mckinley Rogers - Who took such amazing photos of the day

Floral Friday - Flower Dresses

Friday, 22 June 2012

 The biggest question of the week has not been what's happening in Europe but what on earth do you wear to a Christening? (Shallow I know) It's a tricky one, you can't be too razzle dazzle before 10:30 on a Sunday but at the same time you want to celebrate a new life. I took to the internet to search for some inspiration, dresses are always close to my heart and I wanted all 133 of them from the Zara website. I loved all the really simple shift shapes but as this is Floral Friday here are a few of my floral favourites with just the right amount of detail to avoid scaring the vicar! Have a fantastic weekend x
Dresses all Zara

DIY - Neon Jewel Earrings

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm a bit late to the party with this DIY but I thought I'd do my own version of a coloured jewelled earring anyway, I have seen them on so many blogs and thought if you can't beat them join them - plus I wanted a pair. I made mine using a combo of two different earrings that I merged together, I recommend digging deep into your jewellery archive and see what treasures await to be created. A full tutorial is below.
You will need:
A selection of old diamante earrings that can be taken apart or a pair of large diamante earrings
A selection of nail varnish in bright colours
3mm jump rings
Flouro thread
Glue & Pliers (not pictured)
1) Start by roughly sketching your design and having a play with colour combinations
2) Carefully dismantle your earrings
3) Colour the stones with nail varnish (I did two coats, leave to dry between coats). I pushed the pieces with the ear post into a matchbox to make painting easier. 
4) Once dry, re-assemble your earring pieces.
5) Take a few strands of your flouro thread and tie tightly around the jump ring. I added a tiny dot of glue to secure the knot. 

Featured on Love My Dress

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A very exciting thing happened today, our wedding was featured on the fabulous Love My Dress (squeal!). It goes without saying I am beyond excited to appear, so a huge thanks to Pen (one half of our photographers - Mckinley Rogers) for taking such beautiful photos and Annabelle at Love My Dress for letting us grace the pages of your site.

For anyone who has popped over from Love My Dress, a very warm "hello!" I have put a few links below to some of my past wedding posts, I will be posting some more shortly so stop by again.

Anything of Pintrest?

Monday, 18 June 2012

The only good thing that has happened as a result of all the (stupid) football on T.V is it gives me a bit more time to toodle around the internet and pin images with nice colours - and look what beauties I have found recently. The summery prints make me infinitely happy, the grey/green colourway is so peaceful and what a genius DIY idea for old plates. You can follow me here, Pintrest I love you! 

Images (from top left)  - Green, Swimmers, Watermelons, Chair

Floral Friday - Flowers everywhere!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Flowers, flowers everywhere! Here are some behind the scenes photos of the beautiful wedding flowers that my cousin put together for us (she's one talented lady). I won't write too much as the amazing colours speak for themselves but I couldn't have been happier with them, it was breathtaking to see so many beautiful blooms in once place. I hope they inspire you to have a happy & colourful weekend, my heart lifts a little whenever I see these photo's. If you want to have a sneaky peak at more photo's head over to our photographers blog they have put some photo's up, full dress post coming next week. Have a great weekend. x 
I spayed all the vases myself, I will post a DIY very soon - don't they look pretty? 

Shopping - Bright & Beautiful

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

According to the reliable source that is The Metro, its going to rain for 30 days - excellent! This means dressing in a strange hybrid of summer on top and winter at the bottom for the foreseeable future. As there is no DIY post today I thought I'd pull together my current wish list, all of which can be worn with 60 denier tights and a selection of chunky knits until the sun returns (whenever that may be), does anyone have any good 'summer' dressing tips?

Earrings - My Wardrobe
Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company (Festival Size)
Shoes - Miu Miu (Again, my love of Miu Miu is growing strong) 

Wedding Details - Part 1

Monday, 11 June 2012

So here they are the first of my wedding posts (there are quite a few more to follow!) When I start to gather everything together I realise just how much we managed to achieve especially as it was such a hand made affair. I can't take full credit for everything my little sister was an absolute angel, she's a graphic designer which not only saved us a fortune on design and printing but we were able to have invites with a really personal touch. 

The theme for the wedding was colourful, I love colour too much to have narrowed it down to just one and this was reflected the whole way through. I used vintage sweet bags to put the invite and information packs in, wrapped with a lace bow and small luggage label (with names on). Its a shame people didn't see them when they were all stacked up as they looked so pretty. I used a mix of purple, pink, yellow and coral bags with contrasting coloured lace ribbon (all brought from ebay). I brought good quality card stock and envelopes from here, which set the colours used on the invite off beautifully. 
I have to admit I added the final details in the last few weeks before the wedding, I definitely wasn't a six months in advance bride. The table plan was no exception, here we all are putting it together the day before. I made the floral top piece using fake flowers from Ikea (they were quite expensive and I think I could have brought cheaper) but the colours matched and I was running out of time. I made the flower piece separate from the main board and assembled at the venue to limit damage in transit. It was quite easy to put together, but let me know if you would like a tutorial or me to make you one. I love how it turned out, the ribbon (which I used for the flowers and the cake too) cascaded around the board giving a gorgeous 3D effect. 
The day was quite long so we wanted to introduce things to keep the day flowing. After the Wedding Breakfast we decided to have a cocktail bar to keep things lively and to accompany it a photobooth. These seem to be a given at American weddings but here in the UK I think they are only just gaining popularity. I printed the props from the amazing Oh Happy Day! and added them to ribbon striped sticks to match the sweet bags. The were a huge success and kept the good mood flowing. I was really lucky as the venue had a perfect screen which they let me borrow I then added flowers and ribbon to the top.

I hope you liked Part 1 I have already loaded a few other details, here, here and here. I haven't even started on the flowers yet so make sure you come stop by again to have a look, they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

P.S - Thanks to Alice, Mark, Sandra and Caroline for taking/letting me use your pictures and to the rest of the family for modeling

Miu Miu Shoes

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Some Miu Miu love for a Sunday afternoon...

All shoes - Miu Miu

Floral Friday - And breathe

Friday, 8 June 2012

So today I want to talk about stopping and doing nothing, turns out I'm not that good at it. After a 28 hour flight, a defrosted freezer, straight back into work and a Jubilee weekend full of catching up with family and friends and a little DIY I got sick. This weekend I really am going to try and curb things a bit, I have a day at the V&A planned with my best friend. We're off to see the Ball Gown Exhibition, I am so excited, I love the V&A and they really do put on a good exhibit (I nearly cried when I saw the Art of Couture, I have never seen such a perfect mustard or fushia colour in my life!). I am going to try and cook a bit healthier, this recipe is at the top of my list and indulge in some of my favourite new blogs too:

Oh, and maybe a few DIY's...Have a great weekend! x 

P.S - I think today's flowers might actually be weeds, I picked them in my carpark but are really sweet, they open and close at night and have lasted ages which is a bonus! 

DIY - Drift Wood Picture

Thursday, 7 June 2012

There are no better colours in my mind than bright colours that have been sun bleached - so imagine my delight when I started to discover all these beauties washed up on the shore during the 'moon. I knew they were coming home with me and I thought a beachy picture would be a perfect way to display them. I have put together a DIY which is really simple and takes about 30mins tops, so if you are yet to embark on a summer get away keep this in mind and get collecting.
Some pieces of drift wood
A blank artists canvas (you can make your own frame if you feel that way) mine was 30 x 40cm but this depends on how much wood you have. 
Hammer & nails

1. & 2. - Remove the canvas from your frame so you are just left with the wood part
3. Have a play around and get your design sorted (I did this quite a few times and still changed last minute)
4. Once happy with your design start to hammer the pieces into place, remember to start with pieces that will be touching the frame first.
5. & 6 -  For pieces that will be 'laying' top hammer them together before adding to the final picture. 
It's that simple - happy making! 

A fresh start

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

 I feel like I haven't sat down and written a post in ages, last week was a complete blur of settling back into work and general life so my blog has been a little neglected of late. I think blogging can be a bit like going to the gym once you get on a roll its amazing but once you stop its hard to get going again, well thats what I have been feeling plus I've been ill which doesn't help. Anyway, I had to get things back into some sort of shape, I spent the weekend tracking down all the wedding vases and props that are scattered at various people's houses; some I have brought home, some will stay until we have more space. I thought it would be a good opportunity to change my displays over, like I did here and as I have returned from the Philippines with a new hoard of shells and a wood pile (my dad was so jealous) I went onto make a sea inspired themed shelf. It looks so much better plus, it reminds me of holidays which can only be  a good thing. I DIY'd the wood picture so come back tomorrow and I will show you how to make one, its perfect for hiding unsightly's like modems.
Wood picture - DIY, Gas Lamp - Bootsale, Etched vase - Lisbeth Dahl,  Tea Light - Marrakech, Notecard - Greenwich Letter Press, Gold Lid Jam Jars - Julian Graves Candle and Frame - TKMaxx, Bottle - Bills

Floral Friday - Gypsy Rose Lee

Friday, 1 June 2012

Its not often that you'll see me post about films on here - I'm rubbish the minute I sit down to watch anything I fall asleep. The advantage to taking a long haul flight is I'm usually too excited to sleep for the first couple of hours, taking wires and pilers through security doesn't seem like the best idea so I can't make anything which leaves watching films as my main source of entertainment. On the flight back from Singapore I watched Gypsy, its worth watching for the costumes alone (ok, and the spontaneous break out of song) they were awesome. I'm going to buy the film so I can print screen the costumes - oh the coats, the hats, the jewels, why don't they make costumes like this anymore? If they did I'd watch films all the time, anymore recommendations? I think I'm entering a vintage film phase...

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