DIY - Projects for the weekend

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Whilst I haven't prepared a new DIY for this week I thought I would share some of my favourites* for you to try over the long weekend.  They're all pretty quick and easy to do so it'll give you plenty of time to relax/have a nap/drink copious amounts of Pimms too. 

Ribbon bow bracelet - I made this going into autumn so the colours are a little dark but choose a ribbon in bright colours and it'll last all the way through to the end of August. If you're feeling really lazy skip the backing section and just make sure the ends are finished neatly. 

Recycled necklace - This weekend I am planning to hide the boots and bring out the sandals. If like me you are having a clear out make sure you keep your jewels and mash them together to make a brand new piece of sparkle. This necklace has been so versatile and I always gets a compliment when ever I wear it. I plan to make a summery turquoise version inspired by the sea. 

Paul Ka ruffle necklace - OK so this is another necklace but its so quick to wizz up, I think it would look great in a clash of summer patterns -try paisley and ditzy flowers but  just keep the tones similar. These other designer DIY's would be great to make too,see here and here

DIY cushions - On the theme of spring cleaning, why not jazz your home up with a few new cushions. These are so quick to run up and don't even require a pattern. 

Anyone planning to make anything else? 

*some of these are from the blogs early days so I do cringe a little when I look at them but you've got to learn, right? 

The start of summer

Monday, 28 May 2012

Hello, Mrs. Smith here! So I have just got back from the whirlwind that was my wedding and fantastic honeymoon (some wedding posts here & here). Dan & I had the most wonderful day it really was the best day of our lives, so full of joy and love. It was quite a hands on wedding so I can't wait to share the DIY details, all of them will work for normal life so everyone can have a go, the best bit is they are quick and easy to put together. Having spent the best part of two weeks looking at blue skies and white sand and collecting shells and drift wood I have come back totally refreshed with loads of ideas to try out and travel details to share (I have put some on Instagram and Twitter already), I hope you will find them as interesting and inspiring as I have, so far summer is looking good.

DIY - Personal Favours

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

In addition to making corsages I thought it'd be a good idea to make my favours too! I knew from the beginning that I either wanted something personal or nothing at all. I can never resist a beading challenge so I decided to hand stamp the guests initials (ladies only, I feel that favours are wasted on the boys) and make these simple beaded bracelets. Overall they took me about a week of evenings to complete plus another evening to wrap up, but I am really pleased with the result, it was satisfying to see them all stack up. 
I used a stamp kit similar to this one for the letters, and brought my discs on Ebay. All the other supplies were from here. I stamped the initials onto the discs. I made the bead bracelets by simply threading my beads onto some beadalon (clear elastic), knotting when they were at the right length, approx. 6 inches securing tightly and add a drop of superglue onto the knot for good measure. I then opened a jump ring and added the disc to the bracelet, once you have done sixty you get pretty quick at making these up!

Packing up

Monday, 21 May 2012

I love packing, seriously I love it. I think a part of me gets a kick of seeing my favourite things is one place. I tend to stick with the same formula, I keep the colours tonal so everything works together, add a few prints & textures to keep things interesting and off course a little bit of sparkle, just because, it hasn't failed me yet. 

Most of these items come from the highstreet's finest  - Gap, H&M, River Island, Asos, New Look 
The jewels are mainly handmade see tutorial links below. 

Floral Friday - Wedding Blog Inspiration

Friday, 18 May 2012

There was so much choice when it came to finding inspiration for a wedding. I loved looking at wedding blogs but did find them over whelming at times. I tended to use a mix of wedding and party planning sites when I wanted to drum up ideas. Here are some of my favourites;

For general party planning; Camille Styles, A Subtle Revelry and Oh Happy Day! were definitely the best, they are a great combo of feminine, fun and modern styling. I used the downloads from Oh Happy Day! for my photobooth and they came out really well. 

For purely weddings; 100 Layer Cake, Wedding Chicks, Pretty Chic Blog are all lovely. Rock'n'Roll Bride was a great place for finding UK photographers (thats where we found ours) and for those of a crafty nature, you can't beat Martha Stewart Weddings

Did I miss any good ones? Have a great weekend. x 

The Corsage Factory

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

In the final weeks before the wedding I felt like I was attached to either my glue gun or sewing box but to be honest I wouldn't have had it any other way. I embarked on a corsage making spree as I wanted coloured flowers in my hair but couldn't find what I wanted in the right colours. I was really pleased with how these turned out, the shades of pink and coral reflected my shoes, flowers and bridesmaids without be too matchy. Whilst they weren't a quick job I love the fact that each one is an individual and unique. 
Cutting the circles was the most time consuming job but so satisfying when they were all lined up! 
I was most excited as I was able to start putting some of my Tinsel Trading beads to good use

Something old, something new

Monday, 14 May 2012

I have been saving this bag for over 10 years, it has huge sentimental value as it was my Gran's. She was given this as a gift just after she was married and before she moved to South Africa. I have kept it safely tucked away for a special occasion and I figured there was no better than my wedding day. I whole heartily wish my Gran could have been here to join in the celebrations with my Mum, Auntie Sisters and Cousins, so I hope in some tiny way having this with me will feel like she has joined in too. 
This little card has been tucked inside since the 1940's, it's written by my Great Aunt who is always first on the dance floor and no doubt will have been on Saturday. 

Floral Friday - The final preparations

Friday, 11 May 2012

Tomorrow I get married which I am beyond excited about. Apart from marrying Dan and having our nearest and dearest together in one place, the next best bit is seeing all of our hard work come to life. Some people agree with marriage and some don't (both opinions are fine by me) but what has surprised me the most is the excitement and love that has been shown in the run up to the big day. When I first started this blog I thought that I would have posted loads more on my wedding preparations than I have, as I went along I wanted to reciprocate the love that we have felt by giving our guests a surprise on the day. There are however DIY's and little details I want to share so I have scheduled some posts whilst I am off sunning myself on my honeymoon and there will plenty more to share when I get back. I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you and can't wait to come back as Mrs. Smith (original I know).  Have a great weekend. x

DIY - Colour bead bracelet

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sometimes you make something and it becomes a total success other times it can be a complete disaster and this is how this bracelet came about. I purchased this diamante and chunky chain for a few pounds in New Look with the intention of spraying the jewels with lace. It didn't work out as intended the spray went blotchy and the pattern didn't really show up as well as I had hoped, so it was relegated to the draw of incomplete projects until is saw these. I loved (as did quite a few of you on pinterest) the bright colours and holiday feel so thought I'd use up a few of my brightly coloured beads and cord to bring it back to life. I have put a loose tutorial below to hopefully inspire you to use up what you have and create something shiny and new.
You'll need: A chunky jewel and chain bracelet (look in the sale sections). Various colour spray piant, some thin coloured cord and a selection of different coloured beads.
First spray your jewels different colours - making sure you cover what you don't want sprayed with masking tape and leave until completely dry.
I laced my coloured cord through the chain before I added the beads but you can skip this step.
Tie your lace securely to one end of the bracelet and then thread your cord and beads through the chain until it is completely covered with beads, when completed tie your thread off securely. Repeat on the other side. Done!
 You don't have to use brightly coloured beads as long as the shades are tonal anything will work.

Floral Friday - A lovely rug

Friday, 4 May 2012

I have seen this rug twice this week first in Elle Decoration and secondly in Livingetc (both worth a read) and when I haven't been fawning over its beauty I have been plotting a way to make it mine, so far its still a distant dream. If anyone reading this (Mum) hasn't brought me a wedding present this would be lovely! It's by Charlotte Lancelot and sold at Wovenground (although I couldn't see it on the website), apart from this beaut they have an amazing array to suit every home, if you don't need a rug when you go onto the site you certainly leave wanting one. Have a great weekend.

Image Souce - Here

Made it - Leaf earrings

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I made these earrings about a year or so ago and they only really see the light of day in "summer" (those reading in the UK will understand why summer is in commas). My inspiration struck after a trip to the Jardins Marjorelle in Marrakech, if you haven't been, stick it on your must go list. It was owned by Yves Saint Laurent and its where his ashes were scattered, if you don't feel inspired after a visit there's something seriously wrong with you. Back to the earrings - I always get a bit excited when I see these because I know a holiday is just around the corner (imagine a dog getting ready for a walk kind of excited) and true to form I have added them to my pile of honeymoon clothes. I hand twisted and painted the leaves to make a mottled effect and made the chain from wire and biggish seed beads, in tropical greens and yellows. They were a labour of love as they took a good few evenings to make but whenever they come out of the box I'm immediately transported to far away shores, sigh! 

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